Tuesday: The Thread

Alright? It’s very cold and grey here , certainly not conducive to leaving the house for 9 hours on the worst day of the week. Might go and look at the dramatic sea later though so that’ll be nice. What’s happening on this most Tuesday of Tuesdays?

I’ve got meetings all morning but the kind that nobody will notice if I’m not there, and I’m genuinely considering going back to bed until lunchtime.

You absolute dickhead last nights safebruv.

Drank an 11% sour before bed that woke me up with heartburn too in the middle of the night. This weeks a fucking shambles


Rough day with the rona yesterday - now just feels like a mild cold. Back to work then I guess. Great.


It is grey but quite mild here. Pretty windy again though.

About to go for walkies and then got a 3.5 mile stroll to pick my bike up from the workshop. Might pop up town to get some more hot sauce but probably cba.

Morning. I was up at 5.30 this morning… nearly got to Wokingham. In need of a coffee. :coffee: Or three…

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Alrighty. Late shift today. Will do nursery run and then probably have an expensive coffee as I’ll never have a mortgage

Morning all.

I was up late last night taking my kitchen apart trying to find my lost wedding ring. I took it off to do the washing up, dropped it, and then couldn’t find it anywhere. After moving all the white goods, checking in every nook and cranny and disturbing many 8 legged friends who did not seem at all pleased to see me I realised there was a small gap between the oven and the base of the kitchen units that I’d never noticed before. I seemed incredibly unlikely it could have gone in there but there wasn’t anywhere else to look. I couldn’t fit my hand in so I stuck my phone in there and filmed the scene instead. On the resulting found footage horror movie, in amongst a sea of cobwebs, instead of the pair of eyes staring back I fully expected to see I just about caught a glimpse of the ring.

The logistics of how it could have bounced in there, despite falling in the opposite direction, will never truly be understood by science.

Yeah I know it’s not a great story. How do you think I feel - this is my actual life!

Hope you’re all well.


Meant to get up and achieve something before work but the cat has offered her tummy for rubs so this is what we’re doing until she gets bored

No meetings :sunglasses:
The work I’ve been putting for a couple I months :upside_down_face:

Tuesdays are okay for me at the moment because of my favourite tv show, summer house, where I live vicariously through New Yorkers in the Hamptons

I’m struggling to get out of bed today.

Was going to buy some new albums on the way home from work but clever clogs here let his bank card fall out of his pocket (onto his car seat, fingers crossed)

This sounds like our kinda thing, is it HayU?

Noticed a really impressive rainbow out the back window. Took a photo, but it didn’t do it justice really. Nice thing to see, though. Just need to find the crock of gold now

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Ha my luck… nearly got to Wokingham then a van went into us… two car accidents in the space of a month :weary:

Urgh, hope everyones alright

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We’re all safe just a little shaken and the car is a write off ha…


It is! It’s possibly my favourite show.

These New Yorkers rent a house together in the summer and go there every weekend to just get off their tits. It’s fantastic.

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“safebruv, where are you the meeting start’s in 5 minutes!!! I’ve raced to get here on time just about to sign in at the clients office how long should i say you should be!!!”

“it’s tuesday mate”


“When is the meeting mate?”

“Wednesday safebruv”

“Ring me when you get back home”


Have moved my office set up downstairs because I’m struggling to work upstairs. Has the advantage of being able to watch things on the TV whilst working - figure skating on this morning.

Have to do a work thing that I don’t want to do as it involves communicating with too many people. Might just not.

Going to get my DiS Rates Snacks peanut butter KitKat later, so that’s something to look forward to.

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