Tuesday, the twelfth of March, 2019

Good morning folks. Awake mega early this morning because of the wind howling and the cat wailing about it. Just need to try and ride the clock out til 5.30 and then I’m off for two more days. What you got going on this noisy Tuesday?

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Off for a swim. Not been for over a week so its either going to be brilliant or slow but I can’t do more than a mile as I’ve got some fitness class straight after with my neighbour.

Rest of the day probably spent supine. Although not really as my dissertation isn’t going to write itself. Shame.

Daddy daughter day today. no particular plans, but the weather looks shite, so 🤷

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Spend the day introducing her to some bands? Actually I’m sure you’ve already done that.

Really CBA with work. Coming up to the end of the financial year it’s really busy.

Currently stuck under the cat so it’ll have to wait.


She’s pretty good on the old music front tbf. Currently got Kurt Vile on which she’s enjoying


Morning guyyys

Currently struggling to get myself out of bed but I’ll get there in the end

I have nothing exciting to add, just wanted to say hi

Hi :wave:


Cannot remotely be arsed.

Early wake up this morning. Going to go get all windswept in the quest for bananas, eggs and a prescription (after the preschool drop off).

After that :grey_question:

Discovered that mobile game Temple Run has been rendered pretty much unusable by adverts running every time you die.

I mean I understand people have got yo make money but it seems odd to monetise such an old game.

I only played it because I found it in an old section of the iPad so maybe no one else is bothering with it either

morning team,

got up nice ans sharp and ready for my first run in a couple of months, so far so good. Looked out the window, weather looks ok, by the time i leave my flat and walk down the stairs to open the the heavens have fucking opened, proper horizontal pishing down. Fuck that.

Back up the stairs and cleaned my bathroom. :slight_smile:

Nice to have time for a rare breakfast during the week and some coffee before work.


Morning Marty and etc!

I’m having a coffee in bed. Need to be in work in an hour but my current office is literally two minutes away :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Morning all

Had some weird dreams last night and feel quite unsettled this morning as a result. Doesn’t help that the cycle into work is going to be a horrid battle against the wind, that it’s miserable out, that I’ve got a meeting I’m dreading, and that Brexit might end up going through today.

Think Tuesday’s are the worst day. Always too long and never ending. Like you’ve got over the awfulness of Monday but then you have to do it all over again and then have a 2hr driving lesson after work :disappointed_relieved:

Staff meetings are always on Tuesdays too :unamused:

Down to LDN again for work. CBA

Tuesdays are always my busiest day with deliveries etc plus it’s usually just me and the absolute queen of incompetence working. Fuck off Tuesday.

Morning all.

I’m starting to think downloading my entire Summer Spotify playlist during the 10 minutes of sun we had yesterday afternoon may have been a tad premature. It’s bloody miserable out.

Boring dream talk: I dreamt I got to be Batman for the day but immediately beat up a gang of uppity teenagers and spent the rest of the dream on the run and feeling guilty. Can’t believe I wasted a Batman dream so badly.

Hope you’re all well.

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So it’s YOUR fault the wind and drizzle are back.

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