Tuesday, the twelfth of March, 2019

Do we have a thread for train dogs? This good boy has captured my heart in a few short minutes.




Guilty. My trousers are now absolutely soaked*, presumably to teach me a lesson.

*with rain, obvs.


All Time Train Dog.

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I know it’s not DiS-approved viewing but this made me think of the mighty boosh

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I used to quite like working in the pub in Bath during Cheltenham week cause people would just set up camp for the day to watch it on TV and give me good tips and buy me loads of pints when they won. I imagine actually being in Cheltenham doing it is fucking horrendous though.


Eaaaaaasy! Waking up with a mouth dryer than an abandoned reply thanks to the ill. Going to put a lot of caffeine around my guts and see if that helps.

4 edits for that boring post. Jesus.

Set alarm for 6:30, got up at 8:15. Oops. Got some annoying news when I woke up. Didnt have time to watch a full ep.of frasier. Not a good start, lads. Not good at all.


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The Grand National is the only day of the year I’m remotely nostalgic about working in betting shops.

I understand your relief about bars in Cheltenham though.

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You and me both! Unless… Kermy, let’s buy a pub!

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Morning all!

I’m Lead Parent today but I’m not sure if I will need to do much to entertain her. We do need bread though.

if you and @kermitwormit buy a pub i’ll definitely be a regular there. :+1::beers:


The Never Been More Inn.


Morning, haven’t been around these parts much as work’s been tough for a couple of months. Off to Switzerland again tomorrow unti B-Day, might stockpile chocolate to use as currency when I get home.

Trying to work over VPN on LNER train Wi-Fi… Need to copy a 19Mb file to the network is it?

lovely stuff


Morning Marty, all.

I think I’m anxious about meeting my nephew. I need to get presents and things and I’ve no idea what to get him. I tried googling it and scrolled down about 4 results then shut that browser window right down and ran away. I feel like it’s going to drive me to doing lots of work to day to avoid it, that is unless there are more videos to guess the town of…

Heating a croissant in the oven at the moment. oooh, there’s the buzzer.

got greasy fingers all over my keyboard now, which is frankly disgusting. I’m appalled at myself.

i’ve always bought my nephews really annoying and noisy presents, like kazoos and mini kids accordions. but this is because i’m childish and like to noise up my bro and sis in law.