Tuesday Thread 2017-04-25

What kind of Mickey Mouse operation is @sean running here?



The state of this:

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Kin ell, that’s my day ruined.

My boss is going away for a few days though, woohoo, and then im off too see Oxbow and SUMAC tonight. Yessss.



Young man, it’s fun to see the SUMAC. Gonna have a good meal?

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You’ve made a right mess of this, pal

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Yeah worked a lot better when I was singing it out loud and doing all the actions dressed as a policeman :policeman:t2::weary: Let’s pretend it never happened!


WFH surrounded by boxes and dismantled furniture. Our VPN keeps dropping and I have to restart my laptop each time I need to reconnect because [technical reasons]. Today can do one.

I’ve gotta spend the day :pen_ballpoint: about :bicyclist:

They’re always awful. I posted this a couple of years back:

I made a small alteration to it as the customer service desk was unstaffed and there was a whiteboard marker just sitting there:



I feel like I’ve been on the verge of getting a cold for the last few days, I’ve had a sore throat and I feel rank but it doesn’t seem to be coming to anything, if it decides to show it’s ugly self on the day I leave for Prague I will be all kinds of raging.

I always find it very disconcerting when you wake up in the morning with less clothes on than when you went to sleep and you have no recollection of undressing in the middle of the night. I think you’ll agree this is overwhelming evidence of poltergeists.

This is in your office?!

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Yeah, I work for Abellio Greater Anglia

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Got today off work as well. You’ll be pleased/aroused to know that I am literally in the bath right now. If my legs are up to it, I’m hoping to go and see Oxbow/Sumac tonight, too.


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You can get yourself clean!


Had this before when using WiFi or using HomePlugs to attach with a network cable. So my advice is to plug directly into the router if you can :frowning:

Ah, I just thought maybe that was a postcard someone had stuck at the top of your office’s whiteboard of whimsy.

Thanks. This is with all the connections. Been the bane of my life for the last week or so. We’re a tech company based in Silicon Valley ffs. This should be bread and butter!

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Ha! My colleagues are a quirky bunch but there’s not a single one of them who would mis-spell “you’re”

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Can’t remember my passwords to log on to the remote desktop. FUCK.