Tuesday Thread 2017-04-25

Oooh shit. Colleague you can phone who can go and read the post-its on your desktop?

Samesies :frowning:

It’s the Citrix Netscaler login bollocks I can’t remember. There’s TWO PASSWORDS. I have one of the random number changing things but no idea where that shit goes, I thought it was on the next page. I’m hoping the instructions my colleague will hopefully send me once he’s seen my email will mean it makes sense, otherwise I’ll have to phone ITD (I assume they can help me remotely, no fucking idea tbqh)


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Morning The O and every other person.

WFH today, not masses to do except trawl through a load of on-train data from Cross Country services.

Also need to get my CV looking spiffy.

Might try and book a holiday later. A city break and Air BnB perhaps.

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:worried: aw that sucks, especially when you’re in the midst of packing up and moving. I’m staying positive, I don’t think either of us will get properly sick :smiley: :thumbsup:

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Oh, I hung a disco ball in our hall recently and the early morning sunshine is causing this to happen!


That is amazing!!! It should be the law that every home have a disco ball.


Was intrigued to find out what this ‘inspirational’ word on this coffee cup meant:

[details=Summary]Apparently Esprada represents innovation, independence, determination, courage, sincerity and activity…

[details=Summary]Morning all :sunny:
[/details] [/details]

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Might be the most ridic thing i ever saw. Good job.


I find this particularly perturbing when on a train.


What do you do at AGA, ccb?

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Haha I don’t really work for them (sorry). I just saw the sign on the way out of Cambridge station this morning.

Good morning one and all. Bit fresh this morning innit. Got a long day ahead of upping house offers by a fraction of a %, kill me now.

It’s great! I love coming downstairs in the morning and being cheered up by it.

Good morning.

I will shortly be leaving for my pro bono clinic, etc etc etc etc etc me.

After that I’ll be driving around aimlessly for twenty minutes trying to find a parking space within a half mile radius of my house, then wfh. Exciting stuff.

Continuing to have a good time in London. Pharmakon tonight! We’ve been staying with my parents and are going for a nice lunch later.

The only bad news is that my partner has managed to take a picture of this baby photo and has been sending to all of our mutual friends.

Why cars?


Bit chilly out



Morning all.

Day off for me.

Ocado man has just been, I’ve put a load of washing on and I’m going to change the bed sheets. After that it’s some form of egg on toast and a long day of doing nothing.

How shall I cook my eggs:

  • Scrambled
  • Poached
  • Boiled, with soldiers

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For some reason this song came instantly to mind -


I would disco dance down your stairs to that song in my head every morning if I lived in your house :fireworks: :smiley: :sparkles: