Tuesday Thread 2017-04-25

For some reason this song came instantly to mind -


I would disco dance down your stairs to that song in my head every morning if I lived in your house :fireworks: :smiley: :sparkles:


I would bang that on the stereo now and dance around but three of my housemates aren’t even up yet! They’re missing out.

Actually, I might do a new ‘Through The Keyhole’ thread when the house is empty later!

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It’s the kind of song I’d happily be woken up by! But I’m not your flatmates obviously.

And yes!!! Kallgeese Grossman.

Hello everyone.

Work’s going to be a lot more awkward from now on. Three people left in the past month so it’s just me and the two directors now. They’re married to each other.

On the plus side, this morning I’ve usurped my former colleague’s desk. It’s in a much better position, and her keyboard makes loud clicking sounds like the ones from Pretty in Pink, as sampled by Four Tet here:

Very satisfying.


I did one or two videos like that for Old DiS so I may as well do one for the new one!

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I have it hanging by a metal chain which is looped up and around the baluster directly above it. Seems pretty safe as the disco ball itself is quite light.

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, that bow tie!!! Those car buttons!!

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I decided to WFH today but I didn’t know the cleaner was coming as she normally comes on a Monday. Currently hiding out in my bedroom but want to go make food and coffee. Got at least another hour or so left of her being here I reckon.

Ask the cleaner to make it for you

Cleaner envy, tbh.

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She only comes once a month which I don’t think is super worth it and I always end up doing a big clean like 2 days before she comes anyway!
I hoovered and mopped all the floors on Sunday night…

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The people have spoken - Scrambled eggs means scrambled eggs.

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this raises a good question that i’ve been meaning to ask. do you say:

  • Breggs-it
  • Brecks-it
  • comedy answer

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Can you cancel or is this landlord/other flatmates overruling?

It’s like a family friend of my housemate. She likes it so I just roll with it.

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Cos I’m on a tight turnaround later, I thought I’d bake a lasagne so I can microwave it when I get back home between 5:30-6.

HOWEVER it smells bloody lovely and I haven’t eaten anything today.


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Not a huge fan of winter being back, tbh


you can’t eat lasagna at 9:50am!!!

Winter II: The Revenge

RIGHT I’VE LOGGED I thank fuck, thought I was going to have to schlep it to work there for a second

plz recommend musik to listen to please (music with no words preferably)