Tuesday thread (aka The Tuesday Thread)

Did a comedy set last night where I wrote on my hand. Can’t get it to wash off fully and might end up getting asked about it at work but not sure how to explain it out of context.

Set went well though, didn’t end up using any of your lion facts in the end but enjoyed that thread. Work today mostly involves training up someone who started yesterday and this evening meeting up with an organiser to talk about running something in Arnhem.



Morning. Good to hear the set went well :slight_smile:

One more day until holibobs :smile:

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cba tbqfh m8


Good morning, im at the bus stop, exciting i know!

Well done on your set


If they ask about it just say, “I can’t say so don’t make me be lion about it”.

Then moonwalk out of the room high-fiving everyone.


Great, it’s barely 7am and my day is already ruined by having to read that, thanks Theo.


I’d be lion if I said I was sorry.

moonwalks out of the thread high-fiving everyone


Woke up to find an enormous jobby on the living room floor.

I’m hoping it was one of the dogs.



Enjoying the early morning jumper conditions.

The new touring researching has taken a turn and now seems to be quite heavily about how long cites would last without humanity. Not sure how I can apply this to the actual walk like but I’m going to run with it.


Back to work after nearly a week off from being ill / some actual annual leave when I didn’t feel like death.

I was lying in bed a while ago thinking about this, and my brain was like “what if… I just don’t get out of bed?”.

But I got out of bed.


Morning Ma0 &etc

today I have a full health check up as stipulated by my union’s collective bargaining agreement with my employer - or ‘Health Barometer’ as they like to call it

Which is fine except I have to go to the other side of the city for it and I have to be nil-by-mouth (except water) for 4 hours before my check up …which is at 1:30pm

wfh in the meantime trying to finish off all the boring admin documentation stuff of my mega-project which will either take off for the stars or explode on the launchpad in t -4days

I am getting nervous

also, I think I have a slight sinus infection, possibly exacerbated by wearing my contacts too much but I broke my glasses playing basketball so :man_shrugging:t2:

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Have you read the book The World without Us? It’s so interesting. Apparently it would only take about 10 years for the Golden Gate Bridge to collapse without constant maintenance

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There was a fairly pseudo-scientific documentary about this subject a while back, and GOOD NEWS it’s on YouTube

Edit: that’s actually not it AT ALL. This is what I was thinking of

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I have!

It was 4°C this morning when I walked the little one to school. She had on her gold puffa jacket.

I think it’s time to bring in all the plants from the balcony

I like how disco her walk to school sounds


Really hoping she also had on platform shoes or glittery roller skates.

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gold puffa jacket, powder pink leggings, pink suede Hummel hi-tops, down a hill through a (currently) mushroom filled forest

It’s quite ravey



although she was also wearing her sequin rabbit top so was pretty sparkly


Ursula K LeGuin has a few stories with some awesome long past civilisation city descriptions/imagery/hypothesising, if you need anything to add a bit of colour I could pull some stuff out for you.