Tuesday thread feat. flooded bathroom and diary management question

Morning all

Ronseal thread title:

  • our morning started with a bit of a calamity - the upstairs bathroom flooded due to a slow-draining shower cubicle. After creating some flood defences / flood management with a pile of towels, and emptying the cubicle with a dustpan and bucket, it’s all sorted, and the leak into the kitchen was fairly minimal.
  • unrelated question: is there an free, online diary management system? Basically I need to arrange multiple meetings with multiple different people, and I want them to ‘book in’ directly (and to be able to see when I’m free) rather than having a lot of back-and-forth via email.

Anyway - how are you all today? Hope you’re having good mornings so far.


Sounds a stressful start. I’ve looked into that diary systems but always give up on them for various reasons so i am absolutely no help, sorry.

At a meeting all morning when i really really need to be working, going to be working so late and I’m up at 5am tomorrow :sob::sob::sob:

Its really warm wtf

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I’m up at 5am tomorrow too :frowning: I have to go to Clacton - really should have driven but decided to take the train (which involves taking a V-formation route into and out of London)

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I’m going to Birmingham in the morning and London for lunch. I’ll wake up easier knowing we’re both in it together :relaxed:


Yeah was just thinking this - what the fuck

Youngest is poorly. Up at least 20 times in the night. Postponed the zoo until today, but probably postpone it again. Got water in my left ear, so feeling slightly deafened.

On the bus, got an hour to kill when I get there before court starts, might see how many pasties I can get through.


morning troops

had yesterday off so took the kids to the swimming pool and i am knackered today, and sore. class.

forgot it was gonna be all the Halloween events this weekend, thought I had another week of October to go! silly


season 15 episode 22 GIF



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This is such a busy week too many fun things, too much work.

I haven’t even put up my Halloween decorations yet!

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no wonder you keep palming me off to next week instead


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I think this is what you’re looking for: https://calendly.com/

Should be free for an individual user.


Morning! Had some good sleep hygiene this week so up before seven which means double breakfast! Had oatmeal early on and then a lil cream cheese salmon bagel and an apple. Been reading The Day of the Triffids, hanging with the cat and doing Duolingo with all this extra time.

Got a meeting now but then hoping to go for a lunch swim :swimming_woman:

Have a nice day and many tasty treats, everyone!

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Good god, I’m so sorry.




oh I’ll just check the weather for the next few da…ffs #themagicofAutumn