Tuesday Thread feat. Pancakes

Morning! Today is my Friday :smiley:, but I have a very sore throat and can’t stop sneezing :frowning:. Off to work in a minute then straight to my parents house for our annual pancake feast. What does Tuesday have in store for you fine people?

last year’s game got a bit out of hand so let’s all hope for a good clean game today

Imagine feeling relaxed going to work. Or even looking forward to it. Every single day filled with dread and worry, sick to death of it.

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You really need a new job pal.

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Littlest little person was up being sick in the night. Mrs W decided that she needed to be in our bed, and that I needed to be elsewhere in order to make space.

I slept in a 7 year old’s cabin bed, which is approx 1 foot too short for me.

Best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. I might commandeer her bedroom.


Had coconut pancakes last night on @laelfy recommendation. Guess I’d better have some more tonight now.

Went to a waterfall this morning. Was lovely


WFH today. Gonna do the school run in about ten minutes. Pancakes for lunch and dinner I think.

Picking up my uncle’s death certificate today. :pensive: hopefully pancakes tonight will help, eat your feelings and all that

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All my worrying about whether or not to turn my alarms off was moot as R woke up before. Made the call to keep him home from preschool because he really seemed to be running a temperature. Of course now he seems fine :upside_down_face:

Quite happy to not be going out though as IBS is giving me lots of trouble this morning and any position other than being curled up in a ball is very uncomfortable for me. Probably won’t be having pancakes :-1:

Hope the pancakes help :heart:



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Making a very rare venture back to red meatbook for sausage and maple syrup pancakes later.

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Round one: blueberry pancakes with lemon and sugar. Not sure if I like having blueberries in the pancake, might just have them on the side in the future


I’ve fucked up - no flour

No time to get some now, so it’s going to have to be pancakes later instead

The benefits of a long weekend have been immediately undone by a whole bunch of work things. Talk of me needing to spend 2 weeks in Kenya which is making me feel a bit sick at the prospect of 2 weeks away from the baby.

Think I’ll do the classic little chef now as a dessert - maple syrup and vanilla ice cream

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Take the baby with you. Babies love travelling to hot climates.


Last day of my holiday. Rubbish. Anyway. Have O for the day again. Hopefully the weather stays nice and we might venture into town. Gonna make a lovely veggie cottage pie later as well. Yay.


Happy poffertjes day!

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