Tuesday Thread feat. Pancakes

Gateau du poele

I’ve now lost a stone and a half after a month of (maaaaainly) healthy eating. Feels strong.


In a month?! Whaaaaaaat? That’s incredible, massive well done.


Oh my god, guys. Look what I found outside!

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That is brilliant! Can you please plan all my food for me.

Sorry bit of an overstatement. Nearly two months :flushed::flushed:

Oh for fuck’s sake, got another hearing summons. Really wish “oral proceedings” were at least half as fun as they sound.


Doesn’t matter, still incredible


forgot to set my alarm last night so off to a flyer

flier? flyer.

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Band’s new single got its first airing last night, which is very exciting as it’s really fucking good imo.

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Tried to read the first one but couldn’t get into it. Have seen a couple of the films


This is a hate crime against me and my countryman adybongo

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Morning all!

Drove to work on my own for the first time since doing my elbow - arrived safely.

I’m invigilating an assessment this morning and I’ve forgotten to bring marking with me so I’m trying to create some resources but will probably just DiS.

Blame unlucky for buying you that extra pint


I’m in London! Walked through Camden and enjoyed playing DiSism bingo. Am just down the road from The Good Mixer (£4/£3 NUS)

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I’m very bad at doing work when I’m told its v important and I have 10 minutes advance warning despite the fact that i could’ve had wwaaaayyy more advance warning

Mild headachey as af

Want pancakes

Leave me alone, world

Probably going to cry before the end of the day because I am severely stressed due to work stress and continual roof leak that’s now in TWO places AFTER the roofer came to “fix” it.

I’ve never had a more stressful run up to a holiday.

Ok, the cub isn’t feeling so great :frowning:

Listening to Octopus’s Garden on repeat is the only thing that is calming him down and he is saying the clouds are red and I don’t know if he is playing or if his eyes have actually gone weird.

I hope everyone who is having a rough time is okay and things pick up.

For a change I’m feeling pretty good today. I made a major breakthrough on some code I was stuck on, made a ratatouille for dinner yesterday which was great. Watched an episode of the Show that goes wrong, which was pure silliness, and chatted to the person I went on a date with at the weekend.

Also had a really good night’s sleep, probably helped from the above. Let’s hope it lasts.


Was hanging badly first thing.

Resolved on my walk home at about quarter to one this morning that there wasn’t the slightest chance of me making it into work today. I didn’t want to, I wasn’t going to, nothing was going to make me.

Of course I’m sat at my desk at work aren’t I?!

All okay now, although I suspect I’ll be pretty knackered by this afternoon.

Thankfully the Hendon match due this evening was posponed yesterday so I don’t have to traipse to the other side of Wimbledon this evening, I’ll cook something slightly healthy and have an early night with FM20 (drunkenly accepted the Wolfsburg job last night before going to sleep…)