Tuesday thread for the day of Tuesday

Was going to call this :sheep::sheep:sday Thread, but thought someone would inevitably complain they couldn’t find the daily thread, or even worse start their own an hour after this one was already going.

Anyway, today is fucked already. Hopefully less so for all of you. Tell me about it

Morning FL

Sorry you’re having a crap time lately.

If it helps M cried all the way to nursery and I just missed my bus

Edit. A second bus came straight away and the ticket machine wasn’t working so free ride. Woo!


Been having some real weird dreams lately

ah, two sheeps day

comes around quicker every year



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Morning all.

Took me a disturbing amount of time to get FL’s visual pun thing.

It’s grey and meh again.


Off today. Got the kiddo and need to pack a large number of CDs away. Records and books are done. CDs and clothes left to do. Fuck sake.

Ballaching job. Really looking forward to doing it again in a couple of weeks.

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Automatic cat bowl didnt open so woken up at 430 with the cat climbing on my face and chewing my phone cable. 3 shit meetings to get through. Grumpy.

WFH. Baby up at 5:45 naturally. Already tired.

@Epimer on Skype again?


Really like that chuggy bit at the end of that new pigs pigs pigs pigs track but not the rest of the song. Imagine that.

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Funny that.

Ur funny.

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I am very glad the initial misfortune was made up for by the free bus ride.

R was totally tantruming all morning but it was suggested he could ride his scooter to preschool and that meant ended up there early for the first time ever because I practically had to run after him. We were the first ones there!


So tired that, despite 11 hours of sleep, I almost tried to scan my pastry rather than my debit card to pay at lidl.


Bed tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
Bed tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::up:
Bagels :arrows_counterclockwise::arrows_counterclockwise:
Hair cut :hash::one::put_litter_in_its_place:
Shower :arrow_heading_down::new:
A nice lovely walk in the park :cool::left_right_arrow::free:
The Last of Us :symbols::twisted_rightwards_arrows::ng:


@ChorizoPasta any Uncle Facebook content about the coronavirus?

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