Tuesday thread - is it giro day?

Morning all. This bit of Reeves and Mortimer never fails to make me laugh, sod knows why.

What you got on? Any decent plans?

I got up and walked the dogs at 6am as I needed to check the old one hadn’t made a mess everywhere reader, he had, and it’s sodding cold out.



Beautiful morning here but a bit chilly and quite windy again. Will also be taking a dog for a walk shortly. Might have a walk to Local High Street (or a cycle to a slightly further set of shops) and have a mooch around yer B&Ms and yer Icelands.

Might consider thinking about possibly maybe mowing the lawn later.

Just logged on and only meeting has been cancelled so going to ask for the day off when my line manager is about. Will try to do some tidying and get a budget sorted, even if it’s pen and paper.

CW potentially triggering weight stuff


Have to go to the hospital to get weighed today because of course you have to lose weight before you can be considered for weight loss surgery, even if you’re on the lowest end of the criteria. I’ve gained weight, so that’s just great.

Redundo meeting today. Time to listen to Eye of the Tiger on loop and shadow box around the house for the next four hours.


International Woman reporting for duty.

Decent night’s sleep.

Utterly mortified to still be doing the same old going to work and living near all these grey roads and grey buildings and grey people nonsense tbh.


Morning UK.

Can’t watch the video so I’m now intrigued if you’re referencing a giro like a dole cheque or the Giro d’Italia starting today.

Had an excellent time reading this letter earlier.


Woke up feeling a bit blue this morning but it’s a beaut of a day which has cheered me up quite a lot. Would be good if it was closer to the advertised 10 degrees today rather than the current…0 though.

Got some new coffee filter/cup thing which I’m gonna take for a spin and listen to Beach House.

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Going to the office for a leaving do.

And that. Should hopefully. Prove to be. A lot of fun.

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It’s a nice day eh?

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Deets pls

Sorted out my notice period at 2nd job. Gonna miss that extra sweet, sweet money and the people I support, but absolutely nothing else.

there’s a sunbeam on my bed

gonna lie in it

Morning folks,

I’m in the office today. I don’t normally go into the office on a tuesday, but my boss’s boss is over from Dublin, and apparently I need to go out to dinner with them after work. CBA levels off the chart. At least I’ve got a window seat today.

Off out for a long walk before work. Is about the sum of my day

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Lol. Took sleep meds at 9. Think I dropped off about 2. Woke up at 7 feeling like a zombie.

Gonna try again tonight but that’s the chief effect of all non-Z drugs on me. Yay. Back to old faithful I guess

Someone has painted some rap art on my train. But it’s on the opposite side of the platform I got on at, so trying to work out how I can get a photo of it.


Morning all

I’ve woken up pretty glum (bit hungover, money worries) so out for a walk in the sun to see how that helps. Spring is feeling so very close to being sprung.

Anyone else always fancied mrs krabappel?

My neighbours’ child screamed for an hour at 5am and then I got up at 6.30, so that was fun. I am sure it was considerably more stressful for my neighbours.

I am on campus already. Massively cba.