Tuesday thread. It is now June.

Alright? Getting myself ready for another busy day, but it’s my Friday and I have nice plans this ‘weekend’ so that’s nice. What you upto?


Morning Dewds. Just got back from the gym, and now about to start work. Once that’s out the way, I’m off to Waterstones to pick up a new book.


Morning! I’m doing the honourable thing and fucking off out of Devon back home. After three days on the gorgeous English Riviera, what better way to break up our journey home than with a visit to Didcot?


(Visiting Mrs CCB’s sister)

It’s actually been really lovely here - Mrs CCB’s parents have been in good form and it was just nice being able to see them for the first time in 15 months. Managed to stay out of the local shops save for a trip to a very quiet Sainos for shorts (me) and sandals (the cheeksters).


Morning! Another banger sunny day so got my sister and her kids coming around for garden fun and picnics.

Then need to finish decorating.



I’ve kept a human alive for six whole years. I was also woken up at 5.30 this morning. These two things may be related.

Please can I go back to bed now?


Good morning!

Doggo was fine in the tent last night happily.

Taking him to Weston or Brean or Clevedon once we’ve had breakfast. Hopefully he can have a little run on the beach and then fish and chips and an ice cream.


I’d say that was a surprising diet for a dog but my friend’s puppy wolfed sushi down the other day so :man_shrugging:.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Swimming lesson then 2nd jab then I’m popping into my friend’s bakery which is closed today but she’s opening just to give M a cake :heart:


Morning! It’s mega sunny again, which is cool. Our kid has an all day martial arts club today which she’s psyched about, so despite being half term it’s sort of school day pattern, and thus i am about to make packed lunch.

It probably wouldn’t touch the sides with him tbh. He’s basically a four-legged bin.


Gonna have to dig out the 4.5 togger.

Morning all!

It’s going to be warm here and I’ve volunteered to invigilate some exams today.

Edit - it’s already warm here. The room they’re using has no windows that open.

my armpits smell like korma


Its half term so 2/3 of my colleagues are on leave so going to do the bare minimum.

Getting my second jab this morning!



Peak coffee in garden morning today. Might have coffee 2 and an egg bagel in a mo

Work soon. hopefully will be chill

I’m busy every night this week (apart from Friday) which is an exciting change. Tonight I’m doing a cruise around some Brighton festival “art things” via the medium of bike which is a nice change from boozy dates

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Morning all. Glorious day here.

Got a load of washing in the machine already, to take advantage of being able to dry stuff without the aid of electric devices.

Having been off on Friday I have logged in this morning to discover that 2 separate sets of colleagues decided to cock things up for us, and a third can’t help me with something because of decades old policy that we need to update. Sterling work all round.

Any of the MME want a free water butt? 4 foot high, 3 foot diameter.

New fence means we can’t connect it to the drains anymore so it’s just an ugly ornament at the moment.

Really strange happening yesterday in Morrison’s -visiting my parents in Plymouth and went to stock up on beers with my brother.

As I was purusing the tins someone ran up and went to hit me in the side of the head - seen out of the corner of my eye but my brother said it looked like he was trying to do me some damage.

Then he stopped and fell backwards, picked his sunglasses up and walked away without making eye contact. I did shout after him, more out of confusion than anger but he didn’t answer.

No idea what it was about and will go to my grave flummoxed. My best guess is that I look like someone who slept with his partner or something, then realised at the last second that he was about to assault a complete stranger and pulled out.

Thing is I’m 6’4, blonde and odd-looking - not exactly prone to dopplegangering (it’s a word now).



June is a great bunch of month for me so I’m pretty, PRETTY hyped about the next 30 days