TUESDAY Thread - It's so hot, call The Police

Work window, coffee then gonna fly. Happy Tues folks.


Forgot to make cold brew last night, didn’t I? Plum


Had a dream where I had to go on stage last minute in front of thousands of people and pretend to be Iggy Pop


Was there ever an Iggy Pop on Stars In Your Eyes?


Double whammy last night if endlessly woofing dog and mad hot weather, had to close the window on the end…then slept through my alarm. Amazing.

Another fun filled day ahead. Can’t wait for the whinges :star_struck::star_struck::rofl:

Morning. Got some new trainers arriving this morning, which is nice, and - although I bet these won’t arrive - a thunderous afternoon and evening. Just look at this lot.

My upstairs neighbours have just opened the door to their kitchen fitters. Given their kitchen is directly above my desk, this will decide whether I work from the air-conditioned-but-possibly-not-Covid-free office or my non-air-conditioned-but-deffo-Covid-free back room.

Hellish night. Daughter isn’t going to nursery, so got the 2 of them to look after today. Want to go shopping, don’t know if I have the will to do so. Feel a bit coldy myself.

Bloody tired, I am.

Sleep audit

  • Slept well
  • Slept okay
  • Slept poorly
  • Barely slept

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Has anyone come up with a good solution to the “can’t sleep under a blanket because it’s too hot but can’t sleep without a blanket because I need the pressure” dilema?


A thin sheet?


Cooling blanket!

I cant really explain well what i do. But kinda have my legs out and grab the duvet and pull it across my front and then roll over so i feel tucked in but duvet is only really covering a small part around my hip.


got a wee day off and heading up to gleneagles for some :golfing_man:
peach of a day for it. :+1:


I have been sleeping under an empty duvet cover during the heat wave.

It isn’t ideal but it’s better than the other options.

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Oh dang, same. I put a cup of coffee in the fridge with some ice cubes.

Aside from sleeping like crap, it’s actually pretty nice to get up early. Went and got myself a nice bagel on the way to the tube. New job seems pretty chilled so hoping for a relatively relaxing few weeks. Need cwoffee tho.


Trying this. Might just have to make up with lost sleep with siestas. Oh well.

Wet flannel round my shoulders