Tuesday thread (late edition)


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Just did a little scouting mission for @Funkhouser

Making pasta for the first time in a while @colon_closed_bracket, pasta al limone. Also gonna make some garlic bread I think

Mulling over a lemon sour or making my first Jungle Bird for a treat too, thanks to some generously donated campari from @Witches


Shit day, did painting but it was boring. Annoying love life stuff

I’ve ordered a burger to try and cheer myself up

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Big bowl of pasta for tea. Pretty tired. Might have an early one (get into bed and lie awake til 1am looking at my phone).

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Burger Bros?

Another hour or so at work. Unexpectedly shifted onto the late to juggle childcare for poorly toddler. Turns out the eldest had a temp of 40.5°c and inflamed tonsils this afternoon, so have plague house atm. Would quite like a beer tonight as I’m off tomorrow, but probably not if it’s as unsettled as the past few nights have been.

No honest, I got a discount thing


Don’t need to be so truthful about it

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Evening sugars

Went over to see TW child illness my nephew who is really really poorly in paediatric intensive care Was awful but feel better for hugging my sister and seeing them. Any prayers etc welcomed

No plans beyond sofa, tea and some biscuits I bought from the Greek deli.

Thoughts are with you and your family. Hope things take a turn for the better.



Day was dull, which made a nice change of pace from a very hectic previous week or two.

Got some evening tunes on, going to make a chorizo stew and watch telly. Wish it hadn’t got so cold again, I’m absolutely ready for spring now.



Gonna extend this to anyone else who may find themselves in or near a John Lewis, please let me know.


Hi angels :innocent:

Had a great meeting today, whilst sat in the ‘Polite Literature’ section :tophat:

Got a social night ahead (of phone calls at least) bur hoping to be cuddling up in bed nice and early :smiley_cat:


Youngest is currently screaming so i suspect she’s not going down easily.

Think I’ve got a cold brewing.

Itchy & Scratchy Land is on telly.

Evening all!

The optician removed a small fragment of contact lens from my eyelid at lunchtime and the afternoon failed to remain at that kind of exciting pace.

I had a meeting with a researcher from the exam board about pandemic exam adjustments. I realised midway through that I applied for the job she was doing although I didn’t even make the interview list.

After that, I had a meeting with the manager of the horrible class I teach on a Tues morning. I’m not expecting anything to improve.

Tea was (according to Wor Lass) a spicy near-coisse with sardines (no tuna) and no eggs (forgot to boil them). It was OK.

idk where to post this, but is there any way besides a person doing it themselves that someone else can become unblocked on Fb?

been really horribly shook up by someone I did not want to see reappearing

I’m really miserable today and not sure why :pensive:

Hopefully this will help. Not climbing myself as I’ve injured my shoulder.


sound horrible, I hope it works out :heart:

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