TUESDAY Thread - middle-ish of October

Morning DiS, like yesterday at work already and grabbing coffee before the mayhem hits. Happy Tuesday.


Early morning threading! I had planned to log on early but the cat has now woken me up for some unknown reason, maybe because she is bored, and now I want more sleep. Another thrilling day

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Morning!! Got a long day ahead but got my mouse rat jumper on and a newly found talent of headstands so, really, what’s to moan about?

Have a top Tuesday y’all


Gooood morning midnightpunk, pinkybrain, slicky, everyone else :slight_smile:
Lots to do today but absolutely none of it involves leaving the house, hooray! After getting soaking wet yesterday this is very pleasing news.
Got a zoom meditation thing at 7.45am which will be good? Maybe? IDK. Coffee on bed first.

Jeez I can’t type this early :smiley:



No one else in the house is awake yet. It feels very clandestine to be up when nobody else is. I should probably put the kettle on.

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Good Morning Dis Fans

Really need the toilet so guess I should get up.

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Listening to Ghetto Romance by Damage, right, what does “body like a race car” mean?
If someone said that to me I’d look down to check I hadn’t grown wheels

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It means your flaps extend to create more downforce and go faster


Curves in all the right places*

*for aerodynamics and downforce.



First day of waking up feeling alright in a while. Got my test results back last night and no 'rona so that’s nice.

I’m reminding myself how brilliant Miss Kittin’s ‘I Com’ is. I bought this from V Shop aged 16 on my Dad’s recommendation


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


pic pls

Went for a run but the rain started halfway and I got drenched. That’ll teach me no it won’t

Don’t think I have anything else planned today. Cancelling Mubi soon so might watch that Sarah Polley doc later.

Mine ends soon - any recommendations before it goes? Was tempted by Buddies but I watched the trailer and now I’m not so sure…

Not really the best person to ask, we don’t use it much (hence the cancelling!)

But have enjoyed

Hoop Dreams
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Most of the Almodovar films we’ve watched
House (1970s Japanese one)
the original Susperia :heart:
High Life

Yo. Got my first job interview in… 7? years this morning :scream:


Great, ta! Saw this on there the other day, looks intriguing

Good luck!

I have a doomed job interview this morning too. Just want to get it over with either way tbqfhumble


Thanks! - you too

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Morning. The 2020 mundanity loop continues. The most exciting thing I have done this week is watching an episode of Succession.

Good luck @tuna and @Epimer!

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