TUESDAY Thread - Moshing optional

Morning DiS. At work here and digesting a quick, strong coffee to get going.

Enjoyed the Metallica - Master Of Puppets thread chat last night, so much so I almost forgot to fit a quick half hour of farming in Bloodborne in, but I just about managed to fit in both. I will be interested to see how that thread pans out and the eventual score.

Let’s make Tuesday a virtual mosh day, and let’s look forward to real live events commencing soon, we will value these kind of things much more when we get there, and we will get there…

Take it away Anthrax…


Another 12 hour shift for me today.

I’m in the middle of five x 12 hour shifts in six days including two consecutive night shifts. I’m a bit tired (Sorry about the moan.)

Have a good day all.


Morning all!

The MoP thread has inspired me to clear two blind spots in my metal knowledge do I’m listening to Anthrax and Megadeath this morning.

Other than that: Doing some admin this morning followed by DS3 this afternoon. I might walk out for a coffee later.


NT walk and some more decorating.

Cold out again…

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


5 year old has dubbed today “Funny Day” and instructed me that everything I do has to make her laugh. So far I’ve given her her 2 year old sisters clothes for today’s outfit, tried to put her jumper over my massive bonce, given her dry pasta instead of cereal and put the news on instead of Pip and Posy insisting it’s her favourite show. She’s already rolled her eyes at me twice so I’m not sure who’s going to get sick of these ideas first!


Gloriously sunny, but absolutely baltic in South Manchester.

Being back at work actually feels like a nice break from the cycle of masking off, painting walls and cleaning brushes.

Freezing this morning :cold_face:

Had another dream about putting on a HGATR all-nighter but this time @Mert_Aksac, @TheBarbieMovie2023 and @anon75298087 were DJing with me and I made us all dress like the Blues Brothers.



Didn’t book today off because I thought I had a meeting I couldn’t skip. There is no such meeting. There are no meetings at all. Ffs.

New job starts today! Yes!

No laptop yet! Yes!

Still getting paid from today! Yes!

New job is based in City centre of Glasgow! Yes!

Remote working until then! Yes!


Ummm please can we make this a reality? Would be rude if not given that you are three of my faves x

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Lovely and sunny but sub-zero again.

Waiting in for a delivery this morning.

Dog walk this afternoon. Maybe finish the fence painting if it warms up enough, it’s not as windy as yesterday at least.

Back to work. I feel like if I blink too slowly I’ll wake up in five hours.

Meant to have my room inspection today but nothing from my landlord. He didn’t seem to like me blasting off at him about how I shouldn’t clean up after teh other tenant he installed (ended up doing it anyway because he didn’t manage it in a week) and hasn’t replied to me since then. Man baby. Hope this is the end of it.

Actually @Mert_Aksac you said about moving to Valencia, he lives there so maybe you’ll bump into him. I have some choice messages I’d love you to relay if so.

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Accidentally let my coffee go cold :nauseated_face:

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Pretend it’s cold brew

I don’t understand why this never works

Give me his address and I’ll sort him out :muscle:

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I don’t have his address unfortunately - everything is registered to a UK address (not sure if he’s paying tax correctly tbh) - but his name is Ross and he’s British and looks like a horse. Apparently he is tall.

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