Tuesday thread on September 1

Just counted and I have five different squashes/cordials in my kitchen right now. Five! Who on earth do I think I am? Queen of the diluting juices? Need to calm down.

Bet if you mixed them all together it would taste like Vimto

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This has not been a productive day, lads.

I dunno. Lemon and elderflower together would most likely be foul, let alone with the other three mixed in.

Do you want to know the funniest part? Right now I’m actually drinking water! Hahahahaha you couldn’t write it

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Anyone want to watch Space Jam with film club tomorrow?

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We have two! They were rehomed to us at 6 months with very little handling so are very hand shy unfortunately. They are good fun to watch and chat to though!


Instead of doing work I decided to reorganize my tiny office/studio/music room instead. I thought I might be able to move some wooden crates full of records without emptying them first. According to my screaming back pain I could, but really shouldn’t.

Just gonna lie here on the floor for the foreseeable I think.

If you had a cauldron where would you keep it?

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Other (please state)

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Cauldron drawer

Must be a big drawer! Or a flat pack cauldron



I ordered in a Dominos at work and like an absolute fucking amateur I forgot to get any dip. I’m ashamed of myself

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Museum of the Bronze Age

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Apparently over here you do



checks watch

never usually dis on my first day on the job. unprecedented times.


They’re stunning :heart:. are they male or female?

Accidentally rubbed off the smile on one shoe so one looks like its smiling and the other one looks like its drooling. Really want a caprese salad for dinner, tomatoes are at their best now so I will be really careful and choose extra good ones