Tuesday Thread Porridge edition

Morning :wave:

How’s everyone doing?
Do you like porridge?
How do you make your porridge?
What do you put in/on your porridge?
Talk about the tv show if you want too, not that I’ve ever watched it.

Had no idea this was happening, what a coinkydink -

I did not have time for Porridge, Weetabix today.

I love porridge. In the microwave… Usually date nectar, nutmeg, chia seeds and some kind of berries. There should be a rolling porridge thread Imho.

The tv show is alright, easy to watch on Sundays

I’m not wearing a coat or hat and this was a bad decision. Please tell me it is very warm in Edinburgh?

I was gonna make some today but got up too late. On a stove, not too much milk, usually just with a bit of honey or sometimes jam.

Gonna try to be on time for work today and then going to see Shellac tonight. Anyone going?

Not a fan of porridge, sorry

Get him!!!

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Doing OK. Would quite like this week to be over already.

Yes, I like porridge.

Oats, milk (sorry mum), microwave- 2minutes.

Blueberries usually.

Porridge on TV was pretty funny when I was a kid. The remake is not for me (based on nothing more than that picture).

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The thing with porridge is it’s too much effort on a work day and too boring on a non work day.

How’s everyone doing?
Coming down with a sore throat :frowning:

Do you like porridge?

How do you make your porridge?
50g rolled oats (taste the difference or equivalent)
Add 100 ml water and put on the stove. Let that soak in then gradually add ~150 ml semi-skimmed milk, stirring constantly.

What do you put in/on your porridge?
Teaspoon of cocoa power, teaspoon of chunk peanut butter, chopped banana

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stick it on the hob, have a shower, take it off the hob…eat. EASY!

Hiya. Turns out Mike hasn’t broken his elbow. But he can’t ride a bike cos it’s sprained or something. So today I’m gonna ride up a mountain by myself and I’m bricking it.

Also I really like porridge. Peanut butter and blueberries for me.

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No time for that friend. Don’t want to start a whole other thing, but I’m strictly a shower before bed guy.

good morn.

i’m still having bircher porridge* in the mornings, but it’s starting to feel like i should move back to the warm stuff… hmm

*oats, apple juice, grated apples, bit of yoghurt, leave overnight :yum:


The temp here is the same as in Glasgow but it’s not raining.

@ericthefourth I’m going to say something that might shock you…

I have never put jam in porridge :grimacing:

Yea boi! What yogurt and apples you using? I’m on a full fat Fage trip these days and Granny Smiths for a bit of acidity.

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I have to schmooze people all morning. This is… not my forte.

Porridge = shit.

Lovely lovely fibre



Not really into pokemon

Don’t play pokemon, sorry