Tuesday thread (thabu)

Just spotted Moker in a mutual Facebook friend arguing that the EU is undemocratic, if ever I needed a reminded about why I stopped looking at Facebook.

I’m going to a secret movie preview tonight but otherwise today is pretty pointless.

How are you all?


I am very tired thanks guntrip.

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I am quite okay thank you guntrip.

My arm really hurts, other than that I’m ok, thanks Guntrip.

I’m on a train to Birmingham

I’m in bed with the lhurg. Much of me hurts. Hope everyone else has an excellent day though.

Got my monthly blood test this morning. Cue me being stabbed repeatedly while the phlebotomist attempts to find a vein that works.

Work, work, work.

Holiday prep.

got a weird watery / blurry eye thing going on

woke up late so gonna be late for work

In Greece still. Getting chewed up by mosquitoes still. Having a lovely time still.

My insomnia is really back in full swing again. Which was never ideal but with a toddler around it’s torture.

Got a few MIF events today (atmospheric memory and the chimpon brewery tour), and a private tour in between. Quite a good Tuesday, lack of sleep aside.

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Can’t shave cause of my arm and I’m getting verrrrrrry irritated by this burgeoning beard situation. I’m going to be a real fucking delight today.

I managed to complete all six of the puzzles on this page of the I during my commute today (blurred in case anyone else shares my enthusiasm)

I fear this is as good as the day will get.


I really like that one with the coloured lines. GBOP.

morning all :wave:

missed my train, battery on my headphones has run out and I have back to back meetings between 11 and half 2 so er guess I just don’t get to eat lunch today? great day so far.

Oh and most importantly of all I’ve been using my awake time to imagine it’s 1989 and 24 year old Keanu Reeves is in love with me.


Day 2/20 with an absolute nightmare cast of people who’ve clearly lost tge plot and constantly want to engage me in conversations about people i dont know and how Emma has really lost her grip on this whole project while saying how much work there is to do!!! but not actually giving me a chance to get on and do it. All for a c5 show that nobody will watch.


Classic Emma.

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can you not shave with your other hand

(morning guntrip)

Girlfriend has just messaged me to say she has a four hour meeting on branding starting at 8:30, so I’m now feeling relatively chill about my dull dull day.