Tuesday thread (thabu)

No I’m very very left-handed, I’d be more tissue paper than man at the end of a right-handed shave.

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Big fan of the Jigsawdoku at the moment (only just started working out their logic)



I’m at Wimbledon today. Quite exciting

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I’m exhausted gunny.

Also low key nervous as I am interviewing someone for my final portfolio piece today (good) but she had to reschedule and we are now interviewing at her house (agh) and I have to film part of the interview (fffffffff). If I have time I need to film another interview at work also for portfolio reasons. I hate this damn portfolio

Killer Sudoko was my jam back in lectures at uni. :+1:

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Kittie at the vets, we’ve taken kittie to the vets. Managed to get her in her cage in record time too. It was an absolutely magnificent effort all round.

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Good morning Guntrip and pals,

I am at the vets with Winnie.
I’ve got that melancholy feeling that I NEED something but I don’t know what it is. I used to get it a lot as a teenager. It’s this weird emptiness /yearning but I have no idea for what.

Hope you all have a good day.

It’s not a cage! It’s a carry case. I would never put my sweet girl in a cage!

Not had a look at the i for ages tbh except to help finish the big Saturday crossword at my parents. When I worked day shifts at the pub I used to have a routine of the crosswords, the coloured lines one and the maths and word ladders. then do the 9 letter word but didn’t bother with the rest then let the cryptic crossword fill the remaining 7 hours.

Hay fever has properly kicked off this week, although it’s not so bad in the vets. Might hang out here more.

You try telling your sweet girl that.

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Morning all.

Tried to open the door to our office with my car’s key fob. I expect the rest of the day to continue in a similar spirit of delirious ineptitude.

Hope you’re all well.


I did this a few weeks ago with the gym fob for the gym I never go to. Couldn’t fathom why it wasn’t working until someone else strolled up and used the right one to open the door.

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The worst part is my work pass was around my neck at the time.

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There is a fifth TV channel?


who are you seeing tonight?


I go through phases of doing the cryptic crossword and then sacking it off. I like the one (Tuesdays maybe?) where the answers follow a common theme… I’d like to be a lot better at them, though.

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Had an argument about the size of the bar for our wedding. FFS

All right old man Hoogy.