Tuesday Thread - The Work Day Out

Never started one of these, so while I am half awake on a train in Manchester let’s go.

Have a team day in London today - meant getting up at 4.30am and the pub is not until 3.30pm. Godspeed.

Had to take A to the hospital at 11 last night as he was breathing strangely. Thankfully it was just a sore throat, but this morning I am just :zzz::zzz::zzz:


That really is an early train! I thought they’d made the journey way quicker than it used to be but I see it’s still over 2 hours. I’m sure I remember it being about 2.5 hours during the week when I was student in the 90s.

Yeah it’s still a bit of a trek. Think it is the bus into town plus a bus into town and sitting on a stuffy train that is making me moody, left the house at 5.15.

Anyway, got coffee and pain au chocolat so I am sure I will perk up soon :slightly_smiling_face:


A bus into town squared! That will always do you!


Evidence 1 for my state of mind this morning.

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Still got a cough and snotty, not covid (tested negative), going to take a sick day, didn’t get to sleep until half 12 last night. Then woke every hour. Urgh.

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Think they’re usually pedestrianised tbf.


Meant to be in the office today but when the alarm went off I couldn’t be arsed and went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

Will there be consequences? Maybe, but that’s future me’s problem.

Hi. No work today

Excited Season 2 GIF by The Office


Morning all.

In the office again. Positive thought for the day: there are loads of free packets of custard creams knocking about for some reason and if 7 year old coho knew I’d grow up to work at a place where I got free custard creams he’d be over the moon. He’d have to assume everything turned out exactly according to plan.

Hope you’re all well



Is today my Wednesday because I’m halfway through my working week, or is it my Thursday because tomorrow is my Friday?

Toast for breakfast because we’re out of milk this morning

Very tired. Meetings all day from 10am but walking in the sun, eating a pastry, the chronic pain in my shoulder has almost entirely gone for now, and I just paid the deposit on a cute litttle weekend away (and have managed to do it off evil airbnb) :tada::clinking_glasses:

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Had a long bike ride planned but just been out with the dog and my legs ache, my chest is a bit wheezy and there’s a general feeling of cba. Still probably go out but just have a bimble around locally.

Might do a bit of revision for work later. Might.

Cheers, actually managed to do some housework before my body told me to “go back to bed, you’re sick.”

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Good morning!
My tummy is not happy this morning but c’est la vie.
Got some bits and bobs to do today but mustn’t moan, should get the ol’ steps up at least.
Found out that in Australia you can buy kangaroo dog food?!

What else did you expect the kangaroo dogs to eat?


Got a quite important meeting today but not 100% sure what it’s about so I’m gonna have to drink lots of coffee and just wing it.

Morning fellows.

Got to somehow hit two separate freelance deadlines while clearing a big work project… today. :’(

Can anyone recommend a program/website/app that lets you make branching flow charts quickly and easily? Doesn’t need to look pretty, it’s for brain dumping.