Tuesday thread? Wetter than an otters pocket

Never done a daily thread before.

Rain, wind and misery here. Delaying a dog walk. How about you?

Rainy as fuck down here too. Not helping my cba levels one bit.

Apparently it’s going to be this gloomy for the rest of the week. Fucksake.


Beautiful sunny morning here; after a day of persistent torrential rain, and surface water flooding yesterday. I’m quite looking forward to getting out with the dogs.

Stereolab tonight. Yay.

Some pretty sweet puddles on the roads, I’m always keen for a game of puddle roulette with the cars

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It’s quite dry here in Melbourne today luckily as the girl had an accident last night and I had to wash everything.

Biblical rain yesterday and last night.

WFH today, then doctors, then not very much.

no rain here in cloudy Kingston. yet.

tried to wear my new work shoes today after they ruined my feet yesterday - deployed plenty of blister plasters and two pairs of socks to stretch them out/protect my feet but nah, about a minute in and they were killing me. trainers are on, will be for the rest of the day :fu::mans_shoe:

We’ve had to put the heating on. In bloody June. I’m not happy about this. The cat seems pleased though.

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Got my winter coat on this morning. Ridiculous.

In the high 20s here, getting up to 33 later in the week. Send help.

Feel so much better today, gonna celebrate by actually doing some work


Back home after 2 week holiday, booked another day off to do nothing. Should probably have gone to work.

Post holiday check of bank/credit card balances has left me feeling a bit blue

Morning all!

My car is in the garage so I’m navigating the train to get The Child to ballet. I haven’t checked the weather forecast.

My union agreed to end our dispute yesterday, so that’s good.

No rain here today (none yesterday, either - glorious day) but apparently it’s going to be 10c here today. Ten degrees! In June!

Gonna go see Ma after work and then finish s7 of Veep. Nothing else to report.

Morning pals,

On my way into sunny Slough for a first aid training course. Decided to wear shorts rather than a dress but now I’m worrying the shorts are too short anyway :thinking:

Still feeling pretty emo.

I really hope there’s coffee on arrival.

Have a happy and productive day, everyone!

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This is a Thameslink this is a… Luton.

We will sh be arriving, be arriving Stone Crossing.

Gone to work with no hoodie or umbrella cos I like to live on the edge


Its ok, I don’t think there’s any rain left to fall

the muppets have done a tiny desk concert