Tuesday thread? Wetter than an otters pocket

Morning all. Very wet in birmingham.

I’m soaked, i’m a failure, and i have loads to do.

I wish a good day to all :smile:

Chaining Tuca and Bertie on 'flix while the baby sleeps and farts contentedly on my chest :heart_eyes: Braving a trip with her to the supermarket later…


My neighbour introduced me to that last week.

Well… er… um… Kinda wow.

Felt all smug earlier cause I missed the rain on my way in and had a nice dry walk. Was just out in the garden centre watering the plants there and the end came off the hose and now I’m soaked from head to toe. Never feel good about anything, folks, it’ll only lead to a soaking.


Started it this morning. Netflix just checked I’m still alive :upside_down_face:

Different in tone to Bojack but still good TV.

Morning all (just)

It was sunny in Brighton, but it’s grey and miserable at work. Bah.

Came in to over 400 emails after six days out of the office. Boo.

I put a load of clothes outside yesterday cause it was so sunny. Hoping it’s still sunny and not rained on them.

I’m gonna go to the tip

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Run an auto rule thing that moves anything where you’re just CCed in to a different folder. None of those will be important :smiley:

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Just slipped and fell on my elbow. I think I whacked some nerves because I now feel incredibly strange

Hi hotbeef, funky, Theo, all!

Finally feeling out of the malaise that’s befallen me for the last couple of days. Got a friend from uni (11 years ago!) coming to stay this weekend. Also got a night out on Friday too, so both of those are sure to pull me firmly out of this.

Cheers to those who were very nice in the face of my grumpiness.

Hope everyone is well and not wet. :umbrella:


Think I saw him at Field Day once


There might be a thread in combining usernames into a band name and guessing what genre they are.


I’m going away for three weeks in the summer. I’m already apprehensive about this - to the point where the apprehension is more pronounced than excitement about the break.

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Do it.

the one time I was OOO for that long I put up an OOO message that basically said “i’m away and I’m not going to read your e-mail. Either contact my delegates (names below) or e-mail me again when I get back”

Then when I got back I just dumped all the e-mails I got while I was away in a folder

It worked well


I knew someone had mentioned doing this but couldn’t remember if it was a real life conversation or a post on here.

Does outlook have an option to delete everything which comes in during OOO?

you can create a rule to do that

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not sure - I just mass selected all the e-mail that had come in while I was away and moved them into a folder (just in case I needed to dig something specific out, but I don;t think I did)

I’ve also done this in the past when my inbox has got out of control - just selected everything over say 2 weeks old and dumped it in a folder - it’s very liberating

Today has got progressively more awful, and now I’m coughing and sneezing. Lunchtime though…