Tuesday thread? Wetter than an otters pocket


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Which is why this was quite funny:

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Woah, is it? I genuinely didn’t know that. I thought it was a phrase because pockets are always the last thing to dry when you’re washing a pair of jeans or something.

On a training course. Finished about…3 hours early so relaxing at hotel before hitting the pub

Weird how a tiny bit of Vinegar or lemon or something added to some vegetable oil and I’d happily drink it.

I am having a very boring day, lads

  • Rode on a horse for a bit earlier
  • Finally have a dress for this wedding on Saturday that I’m toastmastering!
  • New film festival (this time not in my hometown) starts tomorrow
  • Currently on a bus drinking a fizzy peach iced tea

Just remembered asking for fizzy water with my meal somewhere in London last time and being asked if I meant sparkling

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I’m enjoying some classic Dick and Dom while I work. Can’t stop giggling.


That’s absolutely done me :smile:
Forgot about bogies
Bring back bogies!!!

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still can’t believe they got away with flinging white gunk around the studio calling it ‘creamy muck muck’


Spare a thought for the cleaners



Home and its miserable again weather wise. Glad I made it home cycling before the rain came.

Visiting my mate in Scarborough. Unfortunately it’s also British seaside weather. Last time I was there he was so drunk he went to a police van and tried to order a “pterodactyl kebab.”

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Sorry, er… forgot what day it was. Please move the above post to the Wednesday thread, cheers.

IIRC there was also an infamous and X-rated wardrobe malfunction with a very old Britney Spears impersonator.