Tuesday thread


Morning all. Not kicked one of these off so not sure on etiquette. Anyway, hope you all have a fun, productive and satisfying day.

Peace and fucking, believe xx


That’s all.


I’m eating eggs in Stockholm. It’s cold. Sun’s out though :+1:

I hope all of your days go bigly :ok_hand::ok_hand:


this young referee lad on bbc breakfast is so cute omg


Jesus Christ is it only Tuesday? Feels like… next Thursday or sutin. Also why haven’t I been paid yet?

Sweet FA to report.


I don’t know what this is a euphemism for, but get well soon Sketches xoxo


ffs the coverage of the article 50 case is so stupid


personally I dont think we live in a democracy based on the rule of law nor should we


Morning! Haven’t been able to get Kiss From A Rose out of my head for nearly two weeks now. That’s all I have to report. Oh and it’s really fucking cold.


You win the thread :slight_smile:


Definitely have a cold coming, and to make matters worse @WizardLizard just ruined my morn by informing us that rick & morty season three has been pushed back and there’s no release date, woe is most definitely me


Read that as:




I’m off ill today - was supposed to be on a course but school have said to just have the day off to recover. Really grateful for a day in bed tbh


Apologises Lo-Pan!


They released a top performers thing at my gym last night (this gym only does 3 classes - bootcamp, spin and yoga/barre) One lady had been to 38 classes in 30 days, another one 35 classes in 30 days and the other lady did 29 classes in 30 days.
I think I did only 16 classes in 30 days and i’m fucking knackered permanently.


Having a full time job, presumably.


I think these ladies have full time jobs too. The top lady does 2 bootcamp classes in a row on a Saturday morning!


fuck that, jfc


It’s nuts isn’t it

(I’m insanely jealous)