Tuesday thread

I’m back in the UK and hella jet-lagged :sleeping: Nice to see the TV again though.

Check out the state of the sky last night near our house

What’s popping, DiS? I’m going to the GP later about a long-standing finger injury. Hoping they don’t tell me to stop climbing for any longer than the week-long holiday I have coming up.

Also, been a while since I’ve made a daily thread. Forgot how nervewracking it is hoping you don’t get gazumped!

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Working a long shift again then off to watch the footy

Haven’t got work until 11.30. Watched Twin Peaks and Rick & Morty already, was thinking I might watch GoT but that’s just too much TV for one morning. Gonna post some records and hit the GYM :muscle: before work.

Today marks day 1 of trying to live a reasonably healthy life again after a week or so of treating myself very badly food-wise and not sleeping enough. Wish me luck, friends.

Good luck!

This Tweet made me ‘lol’.

wb att

Nm going on today, waiting to hear back from a job that starts on friday. Watching frasier but i think i’m burnt out on it. Dunno what to do today.

Catch up on Game of Thrones? Must be a good 3 or 4 seasons worth for you to hate watch?

No chance, pal

Might start watching northern exposure again

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Knock yourself out, mate :slight_smile:

Alright team? Welcome back to Blighty Aphex.

Happy #InternationalCatDay to everyone. S/O to my homeboy Eddie.





This is what I say to wasps

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Had to really grind for that view

Everyone in my hotel except me was an elite athlete here for the world champions and it wreaked havoc at the breakfast buffet. Took me so long to get an egg

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What’s your book on JB? If it isn’t a state secret?

Getting words on paper, no matter how shit is a pretty good starting point - much easier to edit those than the ones still in your head.

I’ve written 12,000 words in the past 24 hours or so for a fanzine that I want to try and finish for Tuesday next week if I can… Feels like a huge ask at the moment.

mornin mornin mornin

How can it be that northern exposure isnt on any of the streaming services? This is an outrage!

Morning all!

I’m waiting for my Higher/ Nat 5 results to come in. I might start a thread to show off if I’m happy with them.