Tuesday thread


about to fire into some oomf! protein porridge. what is protein porridge? no idea. but it was on offer in tesco.

Fingers crossed you get the UCAS points you need, keith.


A fiver says you fart a hole through your trousers by home time.

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Spunky porridge?

it’s minging whatever the fuck it is

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Morning all. Got a fucking load of work to be doing today. Naturally I’ll probably just spend the entire day on DiS.


Epimer’s range in 30 seconds…


As usual I’m not feeling it today. Last night I reviewed a cookie, so I think I might be losing my mind.

Got I’m In Your Mind Fuzz on though so this morning will hopefully breeze by. Already hungry for lunch.


Everyone at work is being extremely loud already and it’s too early for that. I think i’ll be putting my headphones on shortly and then popping out for a coffee.

My company just made it impossible for me to check my personal emails using my work laptop ffs

Use your phone, Sideshow Bob.

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New proxy software, pretty much blocked my whole personal life at work

That is the answer but I need to turn wifi off each time. C’est tres annoying

I self-diagnosed myself with elbow bursitis last night, after realising that it was weirdly hot to the touch. I have a habit of leaning on my left elbow when working, which aggravates it.

Another name for the condition is ‘student elbow’ which sounds about right…

Oh jesus. We seem to be ok down here?

Working from home and dunking mini weetabix in my tea. Wish i could get away with this kind of deviant behaviour in the office.


I fucked up my job interview last night

But secret thee oh sees show was pretty great so not a total disaster

Hello everyone :wave: glad you have you back ATT, never EVER leave us again :wink: lovely sky!

Sat drinking my instant coffee, it will be of no surprise to you that it is indeed terrible but it is the best option I have currently :coffee:

Eek, I was just asked if I wanted to go to see Rob Crow’s Gloomy place. I said no because I’m concerned about busyness and going back and forth to Glasgow during the week is a bit of a faff but I’m having a listen and I think I may have made a bad decision. Can anyone back this up?

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:wave: :grinning: :wave:

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