Tuesday thread

Morning punks.

My body woke me up at 6am and decided that was enough sleep: FO, M.

Still bit hungover from Saturday and facing a day of annoying work bits plus packing my house up in the eve. Really can’t be cba’d.

Tell me about your fine mornings.


Sunk a fair few pints with 2 of my ATDs last night. Great evening. Had a burrito and all. Off to Brighton today. Looking at wedding rings and meeting another ATD for more beer and food.

Have a good day all

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^ This

It’s now started raining and I have to cycle to the office.

Do you want to swap lives? Sounds ace!

Just had a sausage roll. Ready to tackle the world now I can tell you.

I’m on holiday from work for 2 weeks. Normally it’d be sleep, 40 mile commute to work in a shop, 40 mile commute home, eat, sleep. So this fortnight is a lovely change. Expensive though.

Off to Glasgow for work and then flaming lips later. I’m having my first ever pret, it’s decent coffee.

@glasgow, where’s good for a pint and a bite to eat near the barras? West?

When you contextualise it like that, sounds like a well deserved break

Feel rough as fuck this morning. Sore throat, chesty cough, sweaty. Am in the office though as have two unmissable meetings.

Maybe football tonight if I feel a bit better.

Woke 40 mins late this morning so missed out on snuggles with my kids. pretty bummed.

off work tomorrow for my eldest 3rd birthday, so still trying to figure out what we should be doing.

Mornin ctl,
Yeah west is good, if I’m down that neck of the woods I’d also swing by mono, 13th note, maybe upstairs bar at gandolphi, also mchuills on high street.

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Tried writing ‘Hi DiS’ in my porridge with date nectar but I don’t have the technique :frowning:


Feeling a damn sight better than yesterday, maybe even feeling fresh.
Lots on today.
Coffee tasting particularly glorious this morn :+1:


Woke up thinking it was the weekend/day off. Month RUINED!!

Sweet, cheers! :ok_hand:

Hello. Working today :sob: i am looking forward to coffee. That’s all i got.

Alright? Today is my Thursday, I’m wearing shorts in the office :sunglasses:

Feeling a hell of a lot more awake and less achey than yesterday.

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St. Luke’s too. And Drygate if you don’t mind a bit of a walk.


Oh yeah, those as well