Tuesday thread


rancid night’s sleep. the fire alarm in our building went off 6 times between 10pm and 3am. i’m apparently the only person here who knows how to reset it so had to trek all the way downstairs each time. it only stopped because i disabled the specific alarm that kept setting off the system, but by that point i was an anxious, panicky mess and so didn’t get to sleep until about 5.

how about you? what you got on today?

tuesday, let’s be 'avin ya!


that sounds like the ultimate shitty night

my sympathies

I had a weird one on Friday night, came home from the club, got into bed, heard a noise downstairs in our basement, went down, there was a guy in there. I held the door shut so he couldn’t get out. Called the police & they came & arrested him …long story short - they let him go & I got to bed at 4am

been hearing noises every night since then & I’m strung out on sleep deprivation too

as for Tuesday I’m just hoping I can make it through


I woke myself up in pain by trying to swat an imaginary shield bug off my shoulder in my sleep, using my gammy hand:


Other than that, I’m not too bad thanks! Working from a different office today. I’ll keep you posted.


that hand looks really gammy!

good luck in the new office!


Morning HTBA, BITT, CCB, possibly Witches too as she is typing :wave:

Been feeling nauseous since Saturday. Going to the doctors later for an unrelated issue, should probably mention that too. She is probably going to be pissed off with me for having three problems but one appointment, ah well :woman_shrugging:


Good morning hatband and bodyguard (thought I’d see what my predictive text threw up and stick with it).

That indeed sounds like a dreadful night. I’m always a bit surprised by places that have building alarms, I’m guessing you live in a new build because the only time I’ve experienced this was when I lived in halls at uni. I would have been baseball batting the thing to smitherines and anyone who got in my way by the 6th alarm.

@BodyInTheThames As for a random guy in the basement :scream: fuck that!! How did he get in? boobie traps ala home alone. Tarmac your stairs, pronto. I’m sorry, that must have been really horrible :confused:

Ugh. I was meant to be out of the flat by now… but I’m not. Im in bed, must get up… after this cup of tea.

I washed my hair last night and didn’t dry it before going to bed. It looks insane.


i’d say that’s significantly worse than ‘a weird one’. kudos for staying so in control, i think i’d have totally gone to pieces if that happened to me :confused:


Great word.


Can’t read it without thinking it to the tune of the dexters lab theme song (a great theme song)


weirdly i think it’s quite an old building, the building alarm is presumably just there out of spite!

tea in bed sounds far, far superior to being up and out, i think you’re on to a winner here, witches.

hope the hair can be tamed to your satisfaction!


Far too much on at the moment. Doctor’s appointment this morning, work call with some guy in the states at 2pm, job interview at 3pm, then have to spend the evening finishing off a code test for another job application. Still, we all die eventually so i guess nothing really matters does it?


Hello everyone! :wave: Not much on today, it’s my last full day off today so I’m gonna chill and try and calm my anxiety a bit.

Mind you I read an article about Facebook’s social psychology today which definitely didn’t help with the anxiety levels haha. Good read though.


Exhausted. Loads of work to do. Need more coffee.


Slept for more than six hours for the first time in months today. Really happy about that


Oh! How weird… and annoying for you :confused: im sorry you had to deal with it. At the very least in these situations you know the thing works. Our fire alarm never goes off and I’m always burning things, should really double check it :grimacing:

And thanks, I’ll probably just scrape it up into a ponytail of some sort. I wish I could do fancy braids.

Any fellow DiSers good at hair braiding?


Fuck! Sorry to hear that man.


Morning all. Slept well, going to have a cup of tea before I pop to the shops. Have a fair bit of work to do this afternoon, lets see if I’m motivated enough to do it.


Off to mother site today. Tends to go like this


What the Hell! That’s mad! I hope you and yours are okay BITT!


the adrenalin took over & fortunately I hadn’t been drinking that night so I was full of righteous clarity

@Witches …it’s hard to describe all the details without writing a really long post that ends with ‘the police are a pile of shite’ and is full of side narratives and architectural detail but basically it’s a gang of petty thieves stealing bikes from the bike room* & stuff from people’s basement & attic storage (there’s a big lock up thing on the roof of our block)

the police let him go though because he claimed to be homeless & looking for somewhere to sleep & they didn’t find any tools on him & he hadn’t forced any doors to get in (there are 3 locked doors between the street & our basement - I think someone has a master key)

guess what I found in our basement the next day? A crowbar and a pair of wire-cutting pliers that he’d hidden while the police were on their way


*this is now the bike thread