Tuesday thread


How was the trouncing yesterday?



Sorry, all I’ve got is crap puns


Morning all!

Just got some blood taken and the nurse complimented me on my “brill veins” :blush:
Seeing an osteopath later for an ultrasound on my fingers - hoping against all evidence that they don’t tell me I need to take some time off climbing…


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Dragged it out until half four and made my opponent miss his train home, so that was good.

Patent didn’t get revoked (good) but I had to mangle it a bit to keep it (less good), but that’s much better than I expected. Was still a fucking slog though.


I never know how to use my mornings when I’m on the 1-9 shift.


ewww, i hate having blood taken :frowning:

congrats on your brill veins, though :+1:

good luck at the osteopath!


literally cannot be cba


Me too. Always work myself up about it :confused: Nurse was great - only the tiniest sharp little pain.
Have decided to finally start giving blood again and am dreading my appointment in December.


Hasn’t read the op and first comment before posting that.


I hope he had to wait hours for the next one, the prick.


dreamt I had a £4000 phone bill

checked and it’s still £17 phew


yeah, you smug bastard!

(can’t begrudge you a good night’s sleep, insomnia is the worst!)


Fell asleep at 7:15 last night, awoke from my stupour at 7:00 this morning.

Feel more treacled than ever.

Work today, find out if I need to go to York tomorrow - I hope not. This evening, first visit to secondary school open evenings with my daughter. Fucking insane that I’m at that stage with her now.


Someone’s decided to open ALL the blinds and now there is so much glare in my face.



:eyes: :watch:



I’m teaching a course on bicycle maintenance today lads, wish me luck.


Morning all.

Today is my Friday. Off to Bulgaria tomorrow.

colossalhorse out.



I am really jealous of your vein game - mine are shit and everytime I need to do a blood sample it requires an attempt in each arm followed by one in the back of my hand.


Morning all, I’ve got the day off work and have a really exciting day of going to the rubbish dump planned.