Tuesday Thread


How’s everyone today? Dread level? I’m feeling pretty good! So I’d set the dread to… 3. It will probably get higher as the day goes on and I get ever closer to my first gym session in months. Yeah, see, I’m already at a 4.

Dread levels are low.
CBA levels, however, are very high.


Morning witches. I’m at Birmingham airport on my way to Belfast for the day. Going to do a piece of work that I don’t really know how to do, wonderful!

Just had a cheese bacon and tomato croissant from Pret though which was :ok_hand:

had a pancake for breakfast but flipped it over too soon and it nearly fell apart. :frowning:

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Well, I guess that’s good? Hopefully they’ll treat you better, they obviously need you a lot. It sounds like without you they’d crumble. Start making ridiculous demands, please. Every morning, wagyu steak, champagne on your desk, put don’t eat or drink it, always scream it’s not good enough before smashing it against the wall and demanding something equally as ridiculous. Kittens!! Diamonds!! Diamond kittens.

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Hi hi. Just gonna listen to records and slowly unpack today. I can’t straighten my legs or arms :confused:

Morning. Dread level pretty low, got some nice easy work on this week and will be on my own in the office mostly. Actually hoping some of it will go away so i can spend thurs/friday recording. Drinking coffee and watching some seinfeld, the usual morning routine!!

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Morning everyone…

Have had to abandon my expedition down the Yangtze today, sadly, so it’s into the office and standard work stuff.

Dreadful levels nice and low.

Football and commentary tonight.

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Not been in office since Thursday…dread levels about 9ish.

Morning all,
Dread level: low
Tea level: low
Toast level: very low

It’s sunny, I’m currently idrinking coffee and eating homemade banana bread on the overground, and I’m catching up with a couple of mates to do a pub quiz after work. Also I’m listening to Boys and Girls in America for the first time in ages and it still sounds banging. So dread levels are pretty low!


Dread level. Max
Up most of the night with food poisoning having driven the best part of 4 hours yesterday evening for a meeting in Newbury this morning.
Feel like shit. What a complete waste of time.


Morning. Dread level currently at 5 but will probably hit 8/9 later as I’m giving a talk to uni students. I’m not terrible at public speaking but if I stop talking then I get this burst of dread and I feel like I’m going to be sick and my stomachs going to fall out. My old lecturer is taking me and the TV out for food after which will be nice.

Also need to pack for my flight tomorrow. Dread level now at 6.

Hey-ho. Lying in bed ramping up the panic until I crawl over to my work laptop and start the day. Dread levels for an early week work day are fairly standard (moderate/high). Hoping today will involve the writing of a report… maybe ‘hoping’ is the wrong word- it needs writing and it would be helpful to get some of it done today without other disruption. Wonder what I’ll actually end up doing instead of writing it?

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Basically no dread for today (apart from the fear of falling asleep on the train or mucking up my mint aero cheesecake decorating for work tomorrow).

Pokemon Go with my friend in London and then going to the football tonight. Weather is glorious. Do not regret refusing to work today because of my plans :blush: :sunny:


Good luck carmen!! :slight_smile: you’ll do great, I’m sure you’ll be fine once you’re up there. It’s always the waiting that’s the worst part.


:frowning: :hugs:

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Hi everybody



How the hell has anyone managed to get themselves up and dressed today? The world is so fucked.

That is my dread level. Not looking forward to being in the office.