Tuesday thread

I’m drinking my last Birra Moretti and listening to My Bloody Valentine (unfortunately this is what I usually do the morning after a weekend/bank holiday, at this time). Heading off to bed right now in a minute.


back to work today, and I feel that the 3 and a bit hours of sleep I managed to get before my alarm went off at 6:15 will not help me have a great first day back. was going to be horrific anyway, now doubly so :tada:

I haven’t really achieved anything at work today.



Back to work after being off from the 16th.

Went to bed at 6 last night, slept straight through spare an hour or so at like 11. Very weird feeling oh well shower, work, don’t through self into traffic.

Not really into an arbitrary load of new list threads I never went into anyway, time to get the mute stick out.
(The mute stick is my index finger)


I emigrate in 12 hours. Feel all sorts of simultaneous weird emotions about it all. Mostly stress right now though.


I’m going to have so many emails from my boss, who has had the whole Christmas break to think of pointless (and no doubt unpleasant) bullshit for me to do before I finish next Friday.

Can I have Buck’s Fizz for breakfast?

Got this in my head this morning:

Not bad in work til Thursday but much sympathy to those of you going back to work today. Hope it’s not as bad for you as feared x


Logged on.
Can someone remind me what im supposed to be doing again?

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Weighed myself for the first time in a month :pensive:

Beginnings of a cold has now gone full blown :sneezing_face:

Busy, busy day ahead and got to drive to Plymouth tonight :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I’m not back until Monday but the pre-emptive dread is kicking in hard.

I’m still ill.

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Dat sky tho




Absolute tune, that

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That last sentence would be the end of me.

You have my full sympathy.

Just about to finish a night shift. Then I’ll pick up a Samsung 10.1 tablet from Argos that I’ve on click and collect. Sleep for a while. Watch TV. Meet a mate for a local pint at 9pm-ish.

My day in five sentences.