Tuesday thread

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I have already achieved all I wanted to do today: put in a leave request form.

Where you moving to?

i love coffee so much :sob:

I don’t know how but I’ve pretty much managed to get through a 250g bag since Saturday morning :expressionless:

steady on!

I got a (hand) grinder for Christmas and now I spend a lot of time idly thinking about my next coffee.


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Mate, I got a fucking ELECTRIC burr grinder

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My gf didn’t get me an electric one because she doesn’t want it to wake her up in the morning. Mildly irked at this.

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Oook. At least it’s not that far away, but moving can still be terrifying. Hope it all goes well!


^that one is surprisingly quiet. It has revolutionised my mornings.

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My laptop’s been updating for an hour now, I’ve done nothing.

At least you’ve got an excuse.

I’ve actually got work I need to do :angry:

In theory so do I, but apparently I’m not letting that stop me.

Might go back to bed

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I’d say 33 hours of travelling is pretty far

Having a supernatural experience.

Currently feel like I am vicariously living my life as someone that just clicks a mouse and taps on a keyboard but has no concept of what they actually do, or should do.

I’m here but not here, you know?

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