Tuesday thread

Good morning :sun_with_face:

How’s everyone doing? It’s a total disaster here, we’ve run out of tea bags :scream:

Morning Witches, I have nearly run out of teabags so can you pick me some up when you go to the shop, cheers!

Can’t believe it’s only Tuesday uuurrgghhhh

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Aye, no probs. What is your preferred brand? Been loving a bit of Yorkshire tea recently.

I’ve been a convert to Yorkshire Tea since I moved to Leeds and everything else is now a disappointment

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I woke up thinking it was Saturday :worried:

Standard or gold?

Awww laelfy!! That’s so grim :persevere: I hate when that happens.

Not even close!


Morning Witches! I have approx 200 tea bags in the house so I’ll send you some.
Still trying to process a strange night at work. In the village pub I’m working in temporarily there’s a group of a dozen or so regulars, mostly 50s, couples and a few on their own, who are all close friends and have known each other years etc. Having grown up here I know them all too. Last night one of them had gathered them all together to tell them that he’s been given two months to live. He told them right at the start of the evening and nobody mentioned it again, they sat around drinking and laughing and telling old stories for hours and it was genuinely one of the most heartwarming and sad things I’ve ever been part of. So that’ll be on my mind today, not that I’ve got anything else going on past a big shop this morning. Not for tea bags though.


Standard, never tried Gold, someone once told me it was “poncey shit for southerners” but it’s probably exactly the same isn’t it

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Morning all, just getting ready for work with a nice cuppa.

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As a poncey midlander, gold for me (yeah, prob exactly the same but more expensive)

@Witches Got so much tea! What do you fancy?


Beautiful day here. Kinda tempted to get out on some rocks at lunchtime.

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Jesus Witches :wink:


I feel 100 times better than yesterday. Been in work since 7.15 and have got loads done.
No drinking and drugging is the way forward :+1:


To be clear, I have a lot of fruit/herbal/earl grey/decaffinated tea. It’s the hard stuff I’m after!!

I took a nytol really late and now I am Full Zombie. Oh no

Morning. Bagel, coffee, seinfeld. Standard. No work on today, gonna sit around tinkering with music.

Rob zombie?