Tuesday thread

Whaaat? Of all kinds? Or just English Breakfast?

Oh read the thread, then post, yup.

All bunged up and gross. Bet when I woke up I looked like a 3 year old all crusty and that. Meant to be on strike this Thursday and Friday so trying my best to be stubborn so I can be bed ridden in a couple days when it’s convenient.

Got tea for days tho. And none of this gold rubbish, I’m no sucker.

Gonna try not go drinking after training in Edinburgh today as slinked in just before 11 the last 2 wednesdays and pretty sure it’s close to someone having a word.

The withervane must be looking good.

Reading my flash cards… kind of

Hi friends. Today can do one until 6pm and then kween wife-o is meeting me after work for curry burritos, then we’re going to my favourite pub in all of London Town then we’re going to see Fantom Fred :heart_eyes:

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I think I might have missed the phantom thread boat :scream: annoying

EDIT: I just checked, I’m talking shit. As you were.


Morning all.

Came in earlier than usual to be ready to take an 8am call.

They didn’t call.

Gonna make a coffee and stomp about the kitchen a bit at the shocking unfairness of it all. Could’ve had at least another 15 minutes in bed.

Hope you’re all well.

Think I’m on the cusp, we aren’t watching it at our regular kino alas.

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Barely slept last night.

When I did, I dreamed that I was in a WW2 re-enactment only with real Germans attacking the school-cum-church that I was barricaded in. There were T-34 tanks (Soviet, bizarrely), Dorniers and Heinkels zeroing in from the air and a member of the SS kicked in a window and lobbed a pineapple grenade into the room. Showing a most unusual deftness and ability, I volleyed the grenade first time back through the window so it blew up in the swimming pool outside.

Very vivid, felt very real and felt mentally exhausted when I woke up.

Run today, prob lay in bed this evening watching Chelsea v Barca.

Morning. All this tea chat has got me pining for a cuppa. Can’t have one for a while yet though. Also, I’m so tired I’ve nearly fallen asleep here at the computer 3 times already. Zzzzzzzzz

I reckon you could sell this idea to Nike/Adidas. I can totally see Ronaldo volleying a grenade, only they’ll tweak it so it blows up a Nazi tank or Hitler’s bunker or something.

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I’ve already had my tea (earl grey, black) at 7:15am.

Time for coffee.


Living in my new home is making me early. Too early for work. I like to arrive around 9:15am but due to bf waking up earlier than the alarm and then him forcing me to get a train I don’t like, I now get here at 8:35.

Do not like.

Second sick day in a row. Could have gone in, tbh, but I’ve got no meetings so I’m having a recovery day.

Should probably watch Futurama and play Skyrim all day or something, rather than yesterday’s sick day plan of starting a Coursera module on modernism and postmodernism. The fuck was I thinking.


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Just having a lovely bed tea.
What do you lot keep your teabags in? The original box or a tea caddy type thing? I’ve got a big old tin which I love and would hate to be without. I’m certain it makes the tea taste even nicer. Definitely.



my friend is back from America today so going to get a coffee with him this afternoon


i’m gonna start next week!

I need it improve my peloton points and that means riding more!