Tuesday thread


Took me a solid 30 seconds to work out what day it is.

Woke up in an ok mood but then I burnt my breakfast hot cross bun so anything could happen today.



Just woke up an hour before my alarm, pretty annoying especially as I took ages to fall asleep last night as well.

Last office day before heading off for an Easter getaway! Will spend all of tonight and most of tomorrow (approx 18 hrs in total) on a train. And then wait a couple of hours to catch a boat.


Morning all.

It is kind of Wednesday, maybe that was what threw you?


Today is my Thursday because I work weekends. That could be it.


Up FOUR times in the night to have a wee. Ridiculous.



Today is my Friday i suppose. Got a massive sense of CBA about this job now which worries me slightly. Hoping for an easy(ish) day today, ngl.


I have exactly that feeling. Worked all weekend and having a ‘weekend’ tomorrow and Thursday. Makes keeping track slightly harder than usual


Extremely un-DiS behaviour.



Feel alright today, work is under control and that was my big worry. Going to cruise through today then do absolutely fuck all tonight. Can’t wait.

The Christmas cake hasn’t killed me yet.


Still in bed, need to get up, so badly want to wfh today but have meetings today and tomorrow ergh. Will try to pull it off Thursday and Friday I think. Falafel Tuesday today which is good, but my meeting is at 1pm so I might miss out :frowning:


Just come back from a haircut


Managed to sack work off this week for personal reasons and to cheer me up, my older cousin is letting me help him for the day. I get to smash things! And set them on fire! Very excited indeed




I’m tired, man.


I feel horrific. Going into work yestetday was exhausting. I’m worried this flu has given me brain damage. Need somethig to look forward to but im too tired to do anything. I have a cat to cme home to later. Yes that’s it.


Off sick. Been unwell all night. Went to bed at 3.30am and was up at 6am. Woooohooo


What exactly is their job, or are these just leisure activities? :grinning:

I hope it works to cheer you up.

Also, gws db and sheeldz x


Going to the library in a bit as per Tuesday protocol. Raining rather a lot though :-1:


Haha! He didn’t actually specify so could be either or really. Something to do with doing up a house perhaps? And thank you :slight_smile: hopefully it’ll be… smashing :sunglasses:


One of the worst bits of being ill. Things you’d normally breeze through without a 2nd thought leaving you shattered.