Tuesday thread

I don’t get it

Hello. Saw Django Django last night and they were really good and I had a nice time. Head’s a bit fuzzy today

What part is missing chief?

Called in sick and panicked and said I had a dodgey tum when really it’s my MH that’s dodge lol. I’m going to take it easy but also try to function today; amble to the post office, play Skyrim, maybe cook something nice. What’s good in a biryani apart from chickpeas and paneer?

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Got nothing at all to do today, feel a bit down in the dumps. Got a bagel and coffee tho, hopefully by the end of this ep of northern exposure i’ll have thought of something to do.

Good morning everyone! Slept alright, possibly helped by the few gluten free Peronis I had at band practice (I did not know they existed but they tasted quite good for GF beer.) Got into light jazz fusion territory at practice, which was weird.

Work is going to be looooong today. Helping out with the library afterwards and I have no plans bar hanging out tonight. Might see if I can convince the TV to watch Standing In the Shadows Of Motown later on.

How much would you like to walk out of your job right now and never come back?

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Really not liking my job atm.

Morning. Got paid from a big job today so I’ve paid off my credit card and I’m really tempted to get a new pair of jeans that actually fit.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :joy::heart_eyes:

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Underneath the sideboard there is a metal bar that goes along the middle bit and puts in these 2 extra legs.

They just sent the completely wrong piece, holes don’t match up, it’s not long enough etc so the sideboard is buckling if we put any weight on it and I wanna put the TV on it so it’s just sitting there useless.

But thankfully the guy turned up, took a pic of it, said “yep thats the wrong piece” and now I have to decide if I want to wait 12 weeks for the correct bit and have a useless sideboard taking up room in my small living room or if I send the whole thing back and find something else/reorder.


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I think if it’s literally a 10, or even a 9, you should probably just go.

is it ok with everyone if I just try to be happy today?



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Guess who missed their flight.

Ooft that is quite the pickle! I’d be sending a shitty email if I were in your shoes, see if I can get some money off or something. If you wait a further 12 weeks how long will that have been in total?

Payday tomorrow and scared to look at my bank balance. :joy: Nursery and childminders are SO EXPENSIVE. Literally going to be rolling in cash when the wee yin finally goes to the state nursery school at 3. I don’t know how folk can ever afford more than one of these blighters.

Got to do a dull GDPR thing this morning and cannae be arsed. Had nightmares last night and have the semi-fear about a couple of work things just now, which is really not like me. I feel run down and a bit MEH. I’ve not taken my VitD or curcumin in a week, I wonder if that is affecting me. Yesterday I had two berocca and it didn’t turn my pee funny, so I must have absorbed the lot. lol. :joy::rofl:

Hope your day picks up soon bro. You coming for a burrito tomorrow?

20 weeks in total for a fucking sideboard!

I’m going to do a shitty email today. Feel like just telling them to come get the fucking thing and starting again in 12 weeks time. I HATE bits just knocking about being in the way.

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We had a garden chair arrive last week with no screws for assembly. Contacted customer services and they asked for the part numbers from the instructions. There were no instructions either.

Made are slow, but I’ve found the customer service fairly good from them. Hopefully they get you sorted soon!