Tuesday thread

Thursday innit? Yep probably will unless some work comes up.

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forgot a cardi today so I am a bit cold

going through loads of emails and “actioning” ( :expressionless: ) them

got rained on a lot on the way to work and looks like i’m going to be doing long bike rides this weekend in the pissing rain n all, fuck sake

my fox dresses have arrived so i need to go and pick those up later

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Already quit. 3.5 months notice.


Morning. Currently sat in my car. In the road. Was taking it to the mechanics because the clutch was about to die but then it went and died before I could do that. Don’t think I’ve ever broken down before. Staggered at how reluctant people were to help me move the car out of the middle lane!

I wouldn’t mind if it was a small thing that I had to wait for but now I have the sideboard and a huge TV unit thing in my living room that is just taking up too much space and looks ridiculous!

I’m hoping they can sort me out but they just said they’ll need to order it and the lead time is 12 weeks. Or they can come pick it up but i’ve already made it up and threw away the boxes so not sure what they’ll do??

Oh god it’s only tuesday.


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What a joke!

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I don’t get it

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Dont think I can pass up the chance to meet thewarn tbh

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Especially now his many winters are practically over.


Was going to be going to Wembley this evening for the International Friendly vs Italy having been offered a freebie. But, I just can’t be arsed. Once was the time when I’d have been super excited at the prospect.

Work, get through today and then its 2-days until I have a week off. Can’t wait for that.

Conference call in 3 minutes which I am woefully underprepared for, then extracting train stopping patterns on the Midland Mainline for some run time analysis.

Sexy fun, what?


Back in the UK officially as of today. Not as jetlagged as I thought but still experiencing some residual tiredness. Off to see my housemate’s play tonight and then afterwards potentially having a chat about moving out of the house.

middle lane dickhead

I mean, it was at a junction where the other lanes go directions I didn’t need to go, but sure

i was just kidding

Yeah, that sounds pretty annoying. We had a dining chair arrive with a broken leg with them. They arranged collection for the next day, but it was a 6-8 week wait for replacement.

£1.2k per person. We’ve gone home to review our options.

I know. Sorry :slight_smile: shocker of a morning

They’ve pissed me off now and they can go to hell!

I called them and they said they can come and collect it…but I have to take it apart. And because i threw the packaging away, I need to go and buy new boxes and bubble wrap! They won’t take it unpackaged!!

I’ve got RAGE.