Tuesday thread


y’all wanna talk tuesday in here


bhi @cowcow

i don’t think it’s physically possible for me to get out bed. i’ve tried, and it’s just not happening - i’m stuck.

i would say send help but, y’know, it’s quite nice in here. cup of tea would be nice, though, if anyone’s got one on the go?


Working from wfh because my brain’s being a dick and there’s nothing I need to be in the office for so fuck it.


I’ve got a doctors appointment at 9:10. I’m not going to rush to work afterwards.


I’m training people again all day today. It was so tiring yesterday and I was sick of my own voice by the end of it.

Frankfurt tomorrow to continue it



Hey @cowcow

Through in Edinburgh again. Feel a lot better today as slept well.

Supposed to be going out to watch the footers. CBA but will do anyway.

Not much to report.


Pen exploded in my pocket and now I’ve got an inky leg. Fucking hell


TMI Rich, Jesus.


Morning everyone :wave:

CV chat. In your opinion, is it vital to include references in your CV? Considering they’re not required until the very end of the recruitment process, do you think it’s something that can be left off until they are requested?


i just put “references available on request” or something like that :slight_smile:


I wouldnt even bother putting references available on request cause it’s implied and just uses up space for achievements/qualifications etc.


Think I’ve always written it on cover letters/emails but not had it on my cv


Thanks! cool. Tbh, the chance of me getting an interview for this is extremely slim :grimacing: like, to be honest, it won’t happen :cry: but might as well try… right? :thinking:


yeah, i probably should have caveated my post by pointing out that i am total shit at every part of the jobseeking process.


I’m ok at it but only apply for jobs doing stuff I know I would absolutely love and at organisations I like… so basically places that get 400 applications for a £25k a year job at a charity.

Which is very very tiring as I always get my hopes up and think I’ve nailed it only to be disappointed. I never learn.


You can’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket #tuesdayplatitudes

Edit: good luck chief!


Definitely try. Job applications can be a lottery in my experience.


Morning guys. Meeting DiS royalty @plasticniki for some lunch today (if she’s better, I certainly hope so). There Will Be Bike Chat.


It’s s grim outside. Just the greyest rainiest day.


Aye same here :confused: I’m all for April Showers but not slate grey skies for the foreseeable.