Tuesday thread


I’ve spent all of my money. Anyone need any design work doing/want to learn an instrument?


I am so unproductive. How can I be productive


Morning. On an early today, had a horrific drive in on the A1M at 7:30, still, visibility’s overrated eh?! But at least I can leave at 4pm yay! Although I do have to do the ol’ big shop on the way home, boo.


Hello. I am no longer touring Germany and would very much like to be still touring Germany. The sheer level of hospitality they have for bands is insane compared to here. I don’t think we paid for any beer, dinner, breakfast or accomodation the nights we played AND we got paid.


Now I’m eating grey porridge and trying to remember what my job is


Think I’ve always written it on cover letters/emails but not had it on my cv
Oh Yee

Seemingly Innocuous Posts Where Someone Is Trying To Become A Regular User So They Can Jag (rolling)

Welcome new user!


You know what, I was just about to list a bunch of things BUT I think I’m just very hormonal at the moment :smiley:

I’m basically a bit worried about a few upcoming things that potentially involve lots of rejection. Haha!! YAAAY. I’m also a bit irked because my lovely friends want to spend some time with me tonight and also on Friday and yeah, I just want to get on with the stuff I’m doing but I don’t want them to think I’m a total bitch.


ah you’ll be fine I’m sure, no doubt you are talented and smart enough to achieve your goals!

Also it’s great that your friends want to spend time with you and just goes to prove my point :slight_smile:


Make a bullet point list of things you need to do. Start off with the easiest stuff and tackle things one by one.


Oh fuck, just got asked to play a song at the launch of the instrument rental scheme for our library service! The last time I played solo in public was four years ago I’d say!


happy :steam_locomotive: :steam_locomotive: :steam_locomotive: -sday!


Just had a custard cream for maybe the first time in about 10 years, fuck me there good.
I’ve just tanned another 4


My desire to work today is sooooooo low.


Whoa the ‘likes’ have disappeared. sean still tinkering?


I’m trying to motivate myself by saying I’m allowed a lunchtime takeaway (Itsu or something, I’m not a monster) if I get certain tasks done, but we all know that I’m going to do it either way.


No mate you’re just not funny. Sorry.


Edit: fucking hell, that’s very annoying.


What do you mean likes have disappeared?


S’just got a number next to the heart on a post now innit.