Tuesday thread


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Going to Bristol Museum for some culture.

Had a Google memory thing, this time last year it was all paddling pools and BBQs, where is the sun??


About to go down for hotel breakfast. Decided that after a 7 hour drive last night I absolutely cannot be arsed going in for 9am, so will say I’m stuck in traffic or something.


Also… is anyone here a SEO wizard?



I’m fine. The caps are on my desk as I type!!!




Chilango is perf m9, I’ll PM you my number if you need it and see you at 1pm!

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‘TMI Rich Jesus’ would be a really good rap alter-ego.


I’m trying to hire a van. Why do all car/van hire places close at saturday lunchtime and not reopen until monday? I’m going to start a business renting cars and vans out but only from saturday lunchtimes and sundays. I’ll make a fucking killing.

Morning all.


next week
:sun_with_face: :hamburger: :man_cook: :beers: :swimming_woman:


Got in early for a meeting . Boss wasn’t here. Could have had an extra half hour in bed FFS.

Going to slog through work and then it’s our covers gig tonight! Practice went really well last night and I’m looking forward to it now. Playing ABBA songs to drunk people is going to cause a riot.

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Me next week :woman_office_worker::woman_office_worker::woman_office_worker::woman_office_worker::sob:


As I put mini stack into the car this morning I asked Mrs Stack to ‘pick me something heavy’ from the CD collection. SHe came back with Nimrod and Morning View (Incubus)…I am 16 again.


:smiley: really into this

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I’m back at work, it’s fine

Don’t actually feel that great but whatever, guess I gotta come to work at some point


can’t believe I didn’t go to sleep until 3am. Don’t have an energy drink at 11pm folks!


you nugget

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Air-scratching in the car ftw

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Not really feeling it today. It’s all a bit drizzly and foggy for my liking.

Getting my car washed today. That’s about as exciting as it’ll get.


Oh dear god, I forgot to lock to door to my toilet cubicle and one of my workmates just opened it.

Full eye contact, said “woop” then closed it again. Definitely saw my penis.

Oh fucking hell why.


wait, what? were you sat on the loo? if so, was your chap not tucked in?