Tuesday thread


Morning! Very early for my 06:30 flight. Can smell them getting McDonalds ready for my breakfast at 05:00. Actually feel good from getting up at 03:30. Covered in perfume and hand cream.



It’s an okay afternoon today but unfortunately I fucked up the timing last night with getting the girl up to go to the loo so when my alarm went off at 3am the poor thing was sleeping cold in a pool of wet :frowning:

Anyway, this meant she had to sleep in our bed and my back/neck is now in knots and it’s really annoying, not least because my wife is on a long day so I did drop off and I’m doing pickup.

I also got a call from freakin’ Ontario at 4.30am last night to my UK number. What the hell? I don’t think I know a single person in Canada.


Ffs queued for ages at Maccy D’s only to be told they dont do ice cream at 5am

Well fucking SAY THAT then


Takes a while to open that freezer door, I guess


@1101010 should we have a conversation about grimes and elon musk while everyone else sleeps?


Woah is there an intersection of these two? I have not been keeping up on current affairs!!




They got together because she already made the same joke as he tried to do? Amazing. So often yer man melts down into a pool of his own toxic masculinity when this happens on Twitter :smiley:


The Grimes group I am in on FB has mixed feelings about this.


goode morning. i have no strong feelings either way on the grimes musk situation.


On a sprinter (@ma0sm) on my way to The Hague. The sunshine makes it slightly easier to get up earlier but I kinda can’t wait for Thursday when I can sleep the entire day. Got a shit ton of work to do so kinda annoyed about this impromptu field trip. Nothing much else to report. I don’t really have any opinion on Elon Musk and Grimes, I hope they’re happy.


it’s about time you were hauled before the courts for your international war crimes


I’ve realised I still don’t really understand Tumblr’s UX after all these years: comments seem to nest in a way that is confusing, people can repost blog posts but the result is that you’re unsure who’s actually written what. Basically probably this site of all the Internet sites I have visited makes me feel the oldest and out of touch :smiley:


Commuting to London today. Glad this isnt a regular thing. Soaking up the atmosphere from all the suits. Mild air of hostility. Guy next to me has way too much cologne / aftershave on and its blocking my nose.


Sometimes I’m really tempted to get a “baby on board” badge and pass my food baby off as a real one so I don’t have to be crammed in between sweaty commuters

  • Great idea
  • Ffs jb

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I had a bit of a panic in the night cause I didn’t know where I was. Bf kept telling me we’re at home but I didn’t believe him for some reason.

I’m also quite sick so I’m staying home today. I’m fairly sure it’s a cold but hay fever sometimes tricks me. I’m 80% sure it’s a cold tho.


Today I will mostly be doing my pro bono work, which is very important to me.

Then because I’m wfh anyway I’m getting a haircut and maybe seeing a doctor about the stabbing abdominal pains I’ve been having since I had the flu. Or not, cba.


Going through to Edinbo, gonna climb Arthur’s Seat then go to a musuem then Whisky experience.

Then probably Dishoom for tea.


got to go get my checks sorted for my new job.

this is difficult as I have no printed my name bank statements, no bills in my name and a pdf that seems to print off blank.

other than that MrS is off to so we’ll go have some lunch and that.

Determined to get the kids hair cut as well as they have been resisting for waaaaay too long and its hanging all over their faces now.


Up early to walk home, grab my work gear and head back into work.

Most exciting thing about later will be using this for the first time.