Tuesday thread?

Hello. Anything to report?

Look at my new cap.

I agree I am very ridiculous.


Gah was just starting the thread so glad I double checked. Back to the pub in Camberwell(done he’s 13) tonight for ENGCOL. Feel the ferocious heat!

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Got CDs for my next release turning up later this morning. Fingers crossed they look all pretty and stuff.

Beyond that, lots of calls at work, then my sister is coming over to watch the footers this evening.


Going to a recording of infinite monkey cage podcast for some reason

WFH, fair bomping out last night’s chili I can tell ye.

Also, a flat I’m bidding on is closing today so I may kind of own a flat by the end of the day… Bit weird.


Good luck! :shamrock: :crossed_fingers:


please wish me luck at the doctors this morning folks x

Best of luck!!! :crossed_fingers:


Ooh I didn’t realise you were doing CDs for this one, sweet! Obvs we’ll be getting photos when they turn up, right?

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cheers mate :+1:

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WFHing, waiting for a new fridge to be delivered as the old one has died in this heat.

Is one of the Scottish Disers writing headlines for the Torygraph?



oooh oooh ooh what fridge are you getting?

wfh tuesday innit so had a nice stroll around the park with doggo to start the day. did some excellent pokemon go-ing before today i had never caught a corsola, now i have three! got a newbie starting tomorrow and my managers not in coz hes going having a look at a primary school for his littlun so that’ll be interesting

I see your new cap and i raise you



Brilliant :heart:

I think you meant…


I’m off sick again. So bored already and it’s only 9:18!!

Any suggestions of what I can do or watch today? My only plan is driving to the organic shop later for a high vitamin juice or smoothie.

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Nothing exciting, just a basic under the counter one.

Yeah, throwing a bit of 30th birthday cash at a run of 40 :slight_smile:

Would love to get to the point where we can fund small runs of all we put out through the label. As I was saying in a totally unrelated thread I hi-jacked, would also love to eventually re-release the older digital-only things like your EP as CDs/vinyls. And get a reputation for beautifully packaged beautiful music.