Tuesday thread


What’s up?

I’m mostly just posting to brag that I’m off to see Sign o’ the Times on a giant screen in a couple of hours. My buddy was supposed to be going but he’d rather hang out with his 'great friend’ who’s going ‘back to Canada tomorrow’. Poor excuse.

I’ve spent today trying to research Chinese company ownership which is hilarious because it’s all in Chinese (surprise). I do not read Chinese. Google Translate is your friend but will only get you so far. It did get me a new avatar at least.


Walking into work, listening to Anna von Hausswolff. Thought I’d ironed my shirt, but no, I hadn’t.


Had zero booze and fags for the first time in a long time yesterday, went to bed at 10/10.30 and was up bright-eyed at 4.30am

Nice to feel good though, will try and do same today.

Hopefully a relatively easy day today, followed by a track session tonight. Fun times. Made a massive chicken salad which is going to be partly consumed at lunch.


Forgotten my wallet. Fucking plank


I was listening to AvH last night!!!


Was gonna go for a run but I have laid in bed instead. Gonna do some indoor exercise now.

Probably listen to some Anna Von Hausswolff now.


Still in bed. Gonna take a 9:30am call from home, then I have meetings the rest of the morning. Taking my own lunch again. Hopefully the day will go fast.


blood test motherfuckers!

Let’s do this!!!


I woke up deliriously excited at the prospect of having a cup of tea. I now have a cup of tea :child:


I see your tea and raise you a cup of coffee!


I need to go to work



I Tea first, then I coffee.


it’s the reverse for me, coffee to get my brain doing then tea for enjoyment as let’s be honest, instant coffee doesn’t taste good


I woke up at 2.44 am with a “brilliant” Netrunner deck idea (it’s Nationals on the bank holiday weekend and house stuff means I’ve got no time to practice). Looked at it in the cold light of day and it looked exactly how you’d expect a 2.44 am idea to look.

Played one game with it this morning and it crushed. I’m now extremely confused.

I mean… morning!


This sounds extremely satisfying.


I’m working from home. I’ve forgotten how you do this.

I’m not gonna have a shower till later, SO NAUGHTY.
Gonna do the 9:30 meeting in a t-shirt and pants and they will never know, SO NAUGHTY.


Woke up in an ok mood. Got my daily bank statement SMS. Now in a bad mood. WHERE DOES ALL MY MONEY GO?

Oh well, I’ll cheer myself up with a glass of unicorn blood.


Morning all!

I’m on childcare duties today. We might go to toddler group but The Child has a cough and I’m not sure I can be bothered to leave the house.


a mere 6 days into my jury service i finally actually got selected and sworn in on my first trial yesterday afternoon, before being immediately adjourned for the day so they could sort some legal issues. hopefully this morning we might actually start to hear a case.


It kind of was, but now I’m starting to think that it might be a reasonable thing to play at Nationals and it blatantly isn’t.

I’m going to send it to my penoid pals and have them shame me into not playing it.