Tuesday thread

Wasn’t there one about luggage yesterday

What kind of thing do you want? My favourite restaurant in Leeds is Little Tokyo which has loads of good veggie stuff.


I don’t think so

I must have dreamt it

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open to anything really… you been to gabbar or chida cantina?

Had a lovely time at the coast. I attach a lovely picture to prove it

Headed for the Yorkshire Dales today


So there was. It was so dull I didn’t even click through to it!

whereabouts is that?

The coast

Chill out that guy ben with the long hair from Coast

Listened to the hydras dream album instead @rich-t @Twinkletoes (in case this passed you by)

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Hello everyone!

I managed to run 5K uninterrupted! Did it in just under 34 minutes, which I understand isn’t that good. But I’ve never been able to run so long without stopping before, so I feel amazing.

Who is this Anna von Hausswolff? I was listening to Coldplay this morning. A Head Full of Dreams. Not their best album, but the highs are high.


She’s like Coldplay, you’d like her

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Are you going to see Alison Spittle? Or Rose Matafeo?


Staithes, between Saltburn and Whitby

Guess now you’ve got a bundobust in manc that’s not that exciting an option.

Cats pygamas is similar thing (indian/craft beer) but with different stuff (and meat stuff if you’re going with meat eaters).

Zaap or my thai are both good thai places

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not on my list, although the thing I saw last night was a competition with Shane Clifford in it and I saw Alison Spittle come up and congratulate him after! :smiley: (he won his heat and is in the final)

glad to be in work so I can actually talk to another human bean rather than be sat at home on my own thinking about stuff.

I was going to go to this but it was in Edinburgh. Are you going to the summerhall gig?