Tuesday thread

where bounce u goin in the dales hun?

had spotted Zaap, but not Cats PJs, so thank you :slight_smile:

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I have never heard of either of those. Bundobust is also really nice and all vegetarian.


no I’ll be away for that!

Chida cantina is where sandinista used to be but don’t know anything about other than that.

Also never heard of the other place.

It did pass me by - will add to my to do list

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He did? Brilliant! fucking love Shane’s stuff.

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Hi !

A crane has crashed into the pedestrian bridge at Barbican tube station and ripped a fair bit of the underside out.



going to see teen titans go to the movies. Woop

Once again couldn’t sleep until 1, so didn’t wake until 9. These sleeping patterns are excellent.

Couple of questions if I may?

If you beat someone else at netrunner do you get to keep all their cards?

Also can anyone buy any card, or is it pot luck like panini stickers and garbage pail kids?


Hey how are you ?

yeah not bad.


Yes, it’s fixed distribution.

Spare me your mumbo jumbo . So how much does a single card cost?

Off work with the kids - taking the boy to buy next year’s 100% black school trainers in a bit

We just had bacon sandwiches which I’m washing down with a coffee


Hawes, Aysgarth somewhere else if we have time

Never been before

A single “data pack” costs around £12 and contains three copies (the maximum number you can include in a deck*) of twenty different cards. You know which 20 cards you’re getting when you buy the pack.

*there are some that you can play 6 of in a deck, in which case you get 6 copies in the pack

I know it well! Are you driving? Make sure you go over buttertubs.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my clueless questions!

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