Tuesday thread

On a bike.

Buttertubs on a bike. That’s a no from me, Clive.

Miss Epimer wakes up to rustling at 2.44 am looks over and rolls her eyes ‘another net runner wet dream’

old blue last etc etc

*Dr Miss Epimer, you massive sexist!!

Good tip. Did see it on the map. I’ll be sure to drive along it! Thanks



same. boooooooooooooooooooooored.

If I’m not mistaken a scene from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was filmed near Aysgsrth Falls.

M9, the scene

Going home cos I’m an idiot and forgot to take my meds last night AND this morning. Fortunately I have about 1000 hours of flexi to take so I’ve just done that. Can’t wait to take my pills and go to bed.


Straight up fight today

  • Dark chocolate mint
  • Caramel chaos

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The giant religious family busking outside our office are honestly making me want to die. I need to start eating more healthily but all I want to do is crunch out my frustration on a big bag of M&Ms


where’d you get all these delights from?

My boy at the gym runs a small protein bar/ snack selling business, and lets me skim some goodies off the top/ buy at cost.



love 2 spend half the day on the phone to estate agents and mortgage people and different estate agents and a and a plumber and another plumber and

I’m all about the jaffa quake

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they sell them in tescos. tasty but £££

not sure I could eat something that had an image of a grenade on it