Tuesday thread

Shout out to my neighbours, who work me up at midnight letting off fireworks about ten feet from my bedroom window in the shared courtyard in this block.

Couldn’t get back to sleep, took a lot of Nytol at 1am which just seemed to send my body to sleep but not my brain (?!?). Now I’m awake and everything aches.

So I’m excited about what horrors the rest of the day will bring, how about you?

I need to be at the station by now, but I’m still in bed. It’s so warm.

Seriously?! Who thinks that’s remotely acceptable?

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Contemplating leftover curry for breakfast.


En route to Edinburgh for some networking thing. Got a suit on, first time in quite a while for work.

My grandfather died in the early hours of this morning.

I’m just glad he isn’t in pain any more.

I have a dentist’s appointment first thing, so I actually got a lie-in today. This is where I find out whether I need root canal work on my back teeth now that my wisdom teeth have been removed.

Last night I went on a work trip to see the Renzo Piano exhibition at the RA. If you’re in the area and have a couple of hours to spare, it’s well worth it.

Just lying in bed, probably need spend about 10 hours typing up notes today. So the sooner I get started the sooner I can do fun things…

I’m so sorry, sending loads of love to you and your family x


Morning all

Had to cancel today’s meeting at short notice because some chump thought it’d be a good idea to schedule another meeting at the same time without thinking to mention it to me. It does mean that I’ve got a relatively quiet day though.

:frowning: sorry to hear

Jnr was having nightmares last night but it looked a lot like whem i have sleep paralysis so I’m really hoping she’s not inherited that from me!

Got a private tour this morning that I also listed online on the off chance anyone would want to come on a Tuesday morning. Didn’t think any booked but they have and I’ve listed the wrong time so the private group are turning up half an hour after the public. FFS. Hope they all check their emails and come at the later time!

Squeezing in some filming for a side job first though, got no tripod or any idea what I’m doing.

Really sorry to hear this. Sending you lots of love

Also this headline is one of the grossest I’ve ever read (CW: gross)

Got to sleep around 2am this morning so laid in until 7:45. Waiting for the train to work. Got a catch up with my boss this afternoon, going to bare my soul a little.

This evening, football, hoping that will steady the ship a little.

Counting down the hours until the big long drive to Devon next week.

Morning folks! Day 2 of my 5 days off today. It’s our 4th wedding anniversary so we’re celebrating by painting the bedroom! Probably go out for pizzas by the sea later and some ciders.


Happy anniversary man! A cursory googling suggests year 4 is the year of linen, silk, fruit and flowers. There’ll be apples in the cider right?

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Thanks! There will indeed, and I went with the linen aspect for a little gift. Etsy is your best pal when it comes to things like this.

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If the linen gift isn’t you dressed as the man from Del Monte then I don’t want to hear about it.


Keep it down would you, she might be reading this!