Tuesday thread

Really, really love walking with my son and dropping him off at pre-school. Would love it even more if when I got there, no parents ever tried to speak to me, ever.


Happy anniversary man! A cursory googling suggests year 4 is the year of linen, silk, fruit and flowers. There’ll be apples in the cider right?

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Thanks! There will indeed, and I went with the linen aspect for a little gift. Etsy is your best pal when it comes to things like this.

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If the linen gift isn’t you dressed as the man from Del Monte then I don’t want to hear about it.


Keep it down would you, she might be reading this!


Wow, that’s awesome! Great work @Bamnan!

I’m on a marketing course all week but doing it from home, get in!


At least the slug is doing well, I hear he’s running for re-election for the US Senate in Texas


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I’m at the station waiting for a train to work which is not normal for me

Hopefully will bike and pub this eve, but need to get through work 1st.

Nothing to report apart from CBA

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Really struggled to get out of bed this morning for some reason. The heating on this train seems to be on maximum, which isn’t helping, either.

Dooooo iiiiiiit!

(Unless you’ve already done it. In which case weeeeeell plaaaaaaayed)

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that is really, really good.


I decided to save it for elevenses.

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Morning all.

My manager just looked over at me at said, “mate, you’re bleeding.” I had a big streak of blood down my arm. There’s a tiny pinhole sized cut near my elbow that I must have done since rolling my shirt sleeve up 10 minutes ago. No idea how that happened. Didn’t feel anything.

Another successful start to the day.

I hope you’re all well and none of you are bleeding from mystery injuries.

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This is probably the right call tbf. Curry breakfast is almost too decadent. Elevensies feels about right.

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Meant to having a cot bed arrive today. It’s broken. Not happy.

On my way to Edinburgh for work. My sister sent me a lovely pile of books in the post yesterday :heart: so need to crack on with my current book as I have a lotttttt of reading to get through…

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Forgot me headphones


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Early Flaming Lips lyrics etc


Been up since 5 with a migraine. Urgh!

My mum has decided to do family secret Santa this year. Finally!! But oh no it’s overly complicated where you have to write down 3 items you want for £30 each and you get one of those 3 items. But you could also get your partner or parent which seems a bit odd.